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ear wax..removal? ear drops? help!?

Ear wax removal?? help?

for the past few days my left ear felt clogged. so, last night I bought Debrox ear removal kit. I used it, but I don't think I put enough drops or flushed it out correctly. So, it didn't really help. So, I went to the doctors today & he basically said my earwax is in pretty deep, but I would have to go to another doctor if I wanted to get it cleaned out. But, it's fourth of july weekend, so I would have to wait until Tuesday earliest. But, he did say to keep trying and to use Debrox & he said to put in more drops and try to use it twice a day.

But, any suggestions on how to flush it out?? and how long do I leave the drops in? On the box it says several minutes, but is 15mins good? or longer? Since mine is in deeper, I feel like I would have to keep it in longer? Or am i supposed to just leave the drops in throughout the day or night? When do I flush it out? So, when I flush it out, It came with a syringe, so I do use it. But, I feel like nothing is coming out. I just feel like I'm squirting water in my ear...and getting it more clogged =/

I really don't want to go to another doctor because I definitely don't have another 100bucks to just spend. So, any suggestions??

I feel like if I just use it twice a day for a few days, the drops should eventually keep softening my earwax since it is in so deep. But, I just don't know how to flush it out properly! When I flush it out, the drops just come out, but no earwax.

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    Continue the debrox two or three times a day, laying down for 10 minutes each time so it

    has a chance to work. After two or three days of softening the wax, fill a basin with warm, soapy water and flush and flush and flush. Do NOT try and suction your ear. If after several minutes of flushing you still have an impaction, go back to the debrox foa a few more days and repeat. Point the tip of the syringe toward the back of the ear canal for the best results. Good luck. Remember,

    it didn't get impacted quickly, and it may not come out quickly. :-(

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