can you hook two radios two one set of speakers without placing a switch to shut the current to the other off?

i wana hook two radios up in my truck but run the orginal speakers can i just splice in to the wires after the radio without a switch to stop the current from going into the other radio and possible damaging something

so would it damage my orginal radio to just hook in is my main question any other things are welcome

i have a factory radio am/fm/cd, and i got a am/fm/cassette/aux radio for free and i want the aux and the cd player and i have no money to go buy a new radio so i just wondered if i could hook up both through the speaker wires


where do you find the aux to put in your car that sounds like teh deel for me

Update 2:

i just dont want the sound waves from the one radio to go through the speaker wires into the other radio and hurt something

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  • 10 years ago
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    The safest way to do this would be wire the incoming switched power wires through a simple DPDT (double-pole-double-throw) toggle switch placed conveniently on the dash. You could use a SPDT (single-pole-double-throw) switch but this one gives you two sets of internal contacts.

    Here's a Radio Shack switch:

    Or if you prefer a rocker switch, here's one from Parts Express:

    Simply bring the incoming power wire (switched 12V) to the center terminals on the switch. Connect the switched wire from the factory radio to one set of terminals (either top or bottom) and your other radio to the other terminals.

    Keep the constant 12V wire connected to both radios all of the time. If you switch it, the radio will lose "memory" settings like the clock function and radio presets. And if it has a security function, you may need to enter a code to reset it every time it's used.

  • 4 years ago

    A KVM switch is indeed what you would need to do that. Which one to get depends on existing keyboard/mouse connectors, as some do that through USB while others use older PS/2 connectors. Some KVM switches will also switch audio output from the connected computers to a pair of speakers. Personally, I use a separate A/V switch and some audio cabling for that, as sometimes I like to keep an ear on one machine's audio while working with another one.

  • 10 years ago

    You could go to best buy and get them to hook an aux port up to your car. Of buy it yourself and install it since you sound like you know what you are doing! Plus are going to have to get/install a wiring harness for the new radio to power and ground it, etc. I would look at other paths first.

  • Dan
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    10 years ago

    As I understand your question you can do it by turning OFF or down the radio that you dont want to use, down still uses power but Off does not.

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