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A Few Hamster Questions?

hello :)

ever since i was little i've wanted a hamster

i've wanted a winter white hamster.

but my parents wont let me get one..

question 1: what are things i can do to convince them to let me have one?

question 2:i was thinking about nameing it Skyler ifi get one... i was thinking about getting a winter white hamster

question 3: what cage? i kinda want a 2-3 level cage.. to spoil the hamster

question 4: what else would i need?

question 5: how much would all this cost??

question 6: any tips?

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    It's great that you want a hamster they make wonderful pets. Maybe your parents think that your not ready enough for your own pet. I have to pay for all of my animals and I have quite a few. My parents think that since I want the animals I should have to pay for them. Maybe you should offer to pay for everything for the animal. Since your a beginner I would not recommend getting a dwarf. I would suggest getting a Syrian. Syrians go by names like Teddy Bear, Black Bear, Panda Bear, Fancy, Golden, etc. Syrians are bigger and easier to handle than dwarfs are. If you want to get your hamster a good cage then I'd recommend getting either and aquarium or a wire cage. Aquariums are rather cheap and they're very versatile. Wire cages can be fairly expensive but they are usually easier to clean than aquariums. Try to stay away from plastic cages or cages with too many attatchments. Plastic cages have restricted air flow and hamsters can easily chew through plastic cages and escape. Besides the basic stuff like a food dish, water bottle, and a regular staple food from any pet store I'd recommend getting at least a wheel so your hamster will get some exercise and a hide house so that your hamster can hide if needed. Besides that I'd get some toys for your hamster. Some tubes and toilet paper rolls should suffice. As for bedding I'd say get some aspen bedding. Do not get cedar or pine. Hardwood shavings like cadar or pine are known to cause respitory infections because of the wood dust. As far as cost goes it all depends. Just be willing to spend up to fifty bucks to start out with. This should cover the cage, the hamster, the food, and cage accesories. It could be much cheaper than this as long as you spend wisely. Then remember that you need to buy food when you run out. hamsters need fresh food and water daily. The hamster food I usually get cost around $10 per bag and I buy two bags per month usually but since I have quite a few hamsters I have to buy food quite often. Also be willing to spend money on vet bills if your hamster were to get sick or if it harms itself. If you get a Syrian just remember that Syrians are very territorial so you can not house two Syrians in the same cage. When you first get your hamster give it a few days to get used to it's surroundings and try not to stress it out.

    Good luck,

    Source(s): Years of owning and breeding hamsters.
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    1. Have a good talk with your parents. If you have been responsible enough in the past, then it will be easier to convince them. You can also look up "How to Convince Parents..." on Wikihow or Ehow.

    2. Aww, I've always liked that name. The past names of my hamsters have been Pickle (OK, OK! I was six!), Bean, Bazel, and Mia Hammster. Winter whites are very good natured and sweet.

    3. Okay... I know you aren't going to like what that this says but it is really really importent. Whatever you do please DON'T get one of those plastic cages with all tubes. They look cool, they might have good reviews, but in the end they will stink badly and the hamster will gnaw its cute little self out of there.

    I reccommed getting a 10, 15, or 20 gallon fish tank. Sounds funny, huh? Leave the top open or add a net topping. I leave my cage open beacuse there's no way my teeny Robo could climb out without becoming the Hulk. :) There are rumors the cage has bad ventilation, but if you keep the top open then there's no problem. You can really spoil your hammie with this cage. Huts and those other cute hamster knick-knacks will fit better in the tank then a plastic cage. Look up some hamster tank ideas on Google. I've found so many. Tanks are SO easy to clean and they are a lot less expensive then name-brand cages.

    4. You need quality shavings or recycled cloth-material sold in a bag at your local pet store. I personally love the smell of the wood shavings. The cloth ones get stinky. Whatever you do, please don't buy cotton even if it's specially made for rodents. It's a hazard.

    You also need hamster/gebril food, a SILENT wheel if you want sleep, chew toys, a water bottle (I used velcro), a hideout for your hammie's privacy, food dish, and some play toys. You can used recycled toliet paper rolls for low-cost tubes.

    5. Depends what you buy. If you buy high quality then more expensive. I would say it's anywhere from $20-50.

    6. Tips hmm.....

    *Make your when you buy your hamster it is visually and physically healthy. Hamsters in unkept cages get Wet Tail.

    *Buy a Silent Spinner wheel.

    *Feed your hamster fresh fruit and veggies (only a little) daily.

    That's it! I'll answer anymore questions for you if you post them.

    ~Thanks for reading.

    Source(s): I've learned through the years and I have done a LOT of research.
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    1. Show them you are responsible. Showing them that you also will are able to pay for it yourself would also help.

    2. Skyler is a cute name for a hamster. I had a white hamster once, not winter white, and named it Snowball.

    3. You don't really need multiple levels for a hamster cage, What I use is a 50-gallon CLEAR plastic container. MUCH more space and a lot cheaper as well.

    4. Water bottle, food dish, exercise wheel, bedding, a hut OR bedding fluff, food, some treats, and chewing sticks/blocks. Personally I like bedding fluff over a hut. With the hut, it just gives them another opportunity to escape, while the fluff also gives them their natural instinct to burrow.

    5. If you get the plastic container as I advised, this would probably all cost about $72, not including the price of the hamster. With a two level cage, this goes to $100, assuming the cage comes with a water bottle and food dish. Remember you still have to buy bedding periodically.

    6. I strongly recommend decent bedding. This is what creates the environment of your pet's home. I use:

    It's a bit pricy, but it really works. Keeps odors down, soft, and great for sensitive skin. Instead of a hut, I use:

    When you first get your hamster, leave it alone for a few days. (Maybe 2-3 days) It needs to get used to its new surroundings. Otherwise, you may stress him/her out and that is one of leading causes of death among hamsters. Introduce yourself to him/her slowly, let it come to you.

    Good luck with Skyler!

    Source(s): For price references: For tips: Personal experience!
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    the cost would probably be 30$ to 40$ for a two three level cage and food another 3$ to 4$. for the hamster 10$ to 20$. the hamster will be lonely all alone and if you get only One spend at least an hour a day with him/her. don't whine about to your parents and act really interested in them. christmas is coming and if you have showed them that you are really interested and responsible. do lots of research and tell them a lot about them. put him on your Christmas list and be really nice and helpful to your parents. you will need to cean your pet's cage out once a week. tell your parents that the thing that you want the most is the hamster a few days before christmas. you can also give out facts about them at dinner in the car anywhere your parents might not have 50$-60$ to spend on a pet this time of year also if you dont get one on Chistmas then try this again around your birthday.

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    1. I have had both a Campbell's and a Winter White. The Winter White was more calm than the Campbell's but both were friendly. Just make sure to handle them on a regular basis otherwise they can revert back to being "wild" and hand-shy. 2. I kept one of each as a pair actually and they got along fine. It's recommended however that you keep siblings together (two sisters or two brothers) because there is less of a chance of fighting. They are happy in groups of around two because they keep occupied. If you won't have a whole lot of time to play with them, it might be wise to get two. Otherwise, one is fine. 3. Honestly, Habitrail has good quality cages, but to me the OVO Loft is just too small. I kept my two dwarfs in a CritterTrail Discovery Deluxe cage, it was more than enough room, especially if they wanted to get away from each other. It has an attached wheel and bottle. It's easy to clean too. However, the wheel started making a little noise after almost a year, I put some vegetable oil on my finger, ran it over the post that the wheel attaches to and it stopped completely. Good luck. :)

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    I'm 16 and i've had 4 hamsters in my life so i'm pretty experienced with them.

    1. You need to convince them that you're responsible and will clean out, feed and handle the hamster regularly. Perhaps commit to a job around the house, ie Washing the floor, taking the bins out or hoovering, do it for a few weeks & say to your parents - 'I have commited to that job, and I will commit to my hamster'' If you whine at them they will think you ar more immature - so you should definalty sit down and talk it through with them like adults.

    2. I think that a white winter hamster would be cute & Skyler is a pretty name. To be honest all breeds of hamsters are fine, just make sure you don't buy one too young or one which is too small and can squeeze through the cage bars.

    3. A good cage is bars, not plastic. With a bedded area, a water bottle, perhaps a couple of toys (but dont over fill it) and a good sized feeding dish. On the ground can be anything from wood shavings, newspaper, paper shreddings, straw or old fabrics.

    Perhaps something like this -->

    or this -->

    Cages can range from £10 - £50.

    A hamster cage like this --> may seem cool, but don't do it! They take SO long to clear out and end up stinking, they are also dangerous because they can get too hot or too dusty.

    Bar cages allow circulation.

    4. Sort of answered above, but you will need a house for them to sleep in, filled with some comfy bedding type thing, a cleaning kit, a feed dish and a water bottle.

    5. Between £25-£70 depending on the cage you get.

    6. Make sure you clean out your hamster at LEAST every two weeks, and handle it with gloves on for the first couple of weeks, bites hurt. Keep handling it at least 4 times a week or they can become quite agressive, they need to be kept in human contact.

    For your first hamster I would advise getting a BOY, they are much much less vicious than girl hamsters.

    If you have any more queries, mail me.

    Good luck :)

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    hi there,

    to make this simple for you, im gonna answer your questions in order

    I recently got a hamster, so i know all about them.

    1-What i did to convince my parents to let me get a hamster is that i did research, i helped with my baby brother(i baby sat him and canceled out on my friends..i know it seams bad, but when you get the hamster its worth it.)

    i also wrote my parents a letter, and gave them a week to think about it.. DO NOT BEG, (unless necessary, but that should be you plan B.)

    2- I think the name Skylar is perfect, BUT do not get a winter white hamster as a first hamster, as they are higher maintenance than they seem. If it is your first hamster, get a Syrian hamster. Why? Because, dwarfs(winter white, Russian, Etc...) are skidish and they are harder to handle and tame. They also do not tolerate petting, holding, etc. On the other hand, Syrian hamsters DO tolerate petting and holding and actually like it, also winter whites, and dwarfs need a partner, and if your parents are not going to let you get ONE hamster, what makes u think they will let you get 2.. Syrian(teddy bear) hamsters don't like partners, they will fight till death. They like being alone with their owner & the family. (i have a 2 year old brother!)

    3- I got my baby a Starter kit. And i will be upgrading it soon, also a 2 level is perfect. Make sure your cage is for HAMSTERS, not bunnies, etc. because if you get a wire cage the hamster can go through the wires if it is not meant for hamsters. My hamster has a wired cage, FOR HAMSTERS and it is perfectly safe. Be sure to leave him chew sticks as he/she /WILL chew on the wires.

    4-you would need:

    Bedding- I use pine. do not listen to people that say pine is bad. I have used pine for YEARS and i have never had a problem with it. Cedar is bad. Pine controls odor VERY well. Chew sticks. These will keep the hamster from chewing wires,etc. and keeping his teeth at a controlled level. A wheel, this is MANDATORY becasue the hamster will suffer from obesity without it.

    Get a hamster ball, this will keep the hamster from getting lost, while he is out of the cage(put him in the ball, and let him roam around the house.)

    5-i only wasted 55.00 on ALL of that.

    the starter cage was like 30.00

    (it came with the food, bedding, water bottle, wheel, and the cage.)

    i got mineral blocks(3.00)

    a hamster running ball(9.00)

    a hard bowl, so the hamster wont tip it over,(3.00)

    and chew sticks(1.50.)

    6-already gave you them. Clean the cage once a week.

    Do not buy a hamster from a PetCo or Petsmart, or a popular area like that because they do not treat the animals well, buy from a breeder, or a local (small less popular) petshop YOU TRUST.

    never leave the hamster un attended when out of the cage. play with your hamster once a day

    Hamsters are nocturnal, so, you will have to play with them once a day. And lastly, DO NOT drop your hamster. They get hurt easily. If you DO drop your hamster, make sure he is okay, if he is, then dont sweat it.

    P.S. get a male hamster, as they do not go in heat, and bite less. They are also easier to tame

    Good Luck!

    Source(s): i own a Syrian Teddy bear hamster named Simba ♥
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    Just let your parents know your ready to take on the responsibly. And will also make you a lot more grown up as you have a pet to look after.

    I dont quite like the name skyler but its going to be your hamster so call it what you want.

    You need a cage will 2-3 so one can be for feeding one can be for sleeping and one for toys and playing. The bigger the cage the happier the hamster.

    You will need... Sawdust, food, treats, chewbar, wood, ball, and alot of time to spend with your hamster.

    For my first hamster including cage and accesorise it cost me aroud £80 then around £5 a month.

    Just make sure you look after your hamster well. Love it and give it daily excerise. Make sure you research waht they can eat etc... Also watch out for wet tail as it kills. ( killed my first ever hamster)

    The type of hamster your waning is small, They will be fast. If you want to handel it more I recomend a syrian.

    Source(s): experience
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    i will take care of it all by my self you wont have to help im responsible i can do it i will buy the supplies


    white winter dwarfs are cute i would do that defintley


    i have a 3 story for my hamster and he love it there is so much room and he would run around all the time in there


    water bottle

    food dish

    timothy hay

    chew blocks


    toys ( optinol)

    treats ( optionol)

    salt and mineral stone ( optionol)

    hiding place ( must ) they need to feel safe



    it would be around 130$-140$ i got mine from petland

    6. clean the cage weekly take lots of pictures of him or her get good qaulity stuff think of were you would keep her and get a silent wheel lol youll have fun good luck'and hope i helped

    tell me if ur mom said you could!!!

    Source(s): my self
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    1. behave and promise you'll pay and take care of it well

    2. sureee but i like russians better myself (just saying)

    3. nawww just get a long cage (mine had a sugar glider cage and did just fine)

    4. toys, food, bedding, love (lol)

    5. depends but at the start about 150$ i gues

    6. spend ALOT of time with it and research until you are an expert :D

    i'll be happy to respond to any mails if youd like

    good luck!!!

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