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My dryer doesnt have tumble dry. How should I wash my cotton shirts?

Drying my band shirts (cotton) has always been a b!t6h. Being a heavier guy, I tend to buy bigger shirts. But when they shrink, my gut can sometimes be exposed, which is, (for fat dudes), pretty terrible.

When I have researched how to dry cotton shirts online, people say use "tumble dry." My dryer does not have this setting.

My dryer settings:

Timer (20-80 minutes)

More Dry

Optimum Dry

Less Dry

What settings should I use to dry my shirts without them shrinking? I'm sick of buy $25 shirts at places like Hot Topic and Spencers, and only being able to wear them once or twice.

I'm 2XL, I am simply too prideful to go 3XL........

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    The dryer is quicker but hang drying or drying them flat will result in no shrinkage. To limit the shrinkage from the dryer, use the delicate ( low heat ) cycle and remove the shirts before they are completely dry. Hang them to finish drying.

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    There is no "tumble dry" setting on any dryer. Tumble dry just means you can let them tumble around in the dryer to dry instead of having to hang them up. If your dryer spins around and the clothes fall all over each other while drying (like most people's dryers), you have a tumble dryer.

    However, in a tumble dryer using heat (again, most people's dryers), they will still shrink. That's what cotton shirts do in heat. You haven't said your dryer has a heat setting (some have "Low Heat", "No Heat", "High Heat", etc), but if it does have this setting, then you should dry your cotton shirts on low/no heat to prevent shrinking.

    Otherwise, your best option is to either buy a size larger than you need, or buy shirts that say "Pre-shrunk" or "pre-washed" on the label. Alternatively, you could hang them up to dry (assuming that you don't have a clothesline, you can just put them on a hanger and hang them in your closet until they are dry, and then wear them). They will be a little stiffer and less soft this way, but won't shrink.

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