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physicians formula: organic wear tinted moisturizer?

i have norma skin but my t-zone is frikkin oily...

i want a moisturizer that i can wear for 8 hours and that has a little bit of color too it (tinted)

im only 16 so i dont want something heavy... just something super light weight....i have 'okay' skin but i just want to even it out....

so do u think this is right for me? have you/do you know anyone who used it?

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    well fer me i have really oily skin too but i wear the physicians formula make up but not organic wear i do wear the bare minerals though... If i were you i think you should get the organic wear compact mineral wear because it has good coverage and isnt too heavy for you. Plus the compaq is easy to carry around and not weird to have a hige thing of powder flying everwhere and you could just touch up anywhere you go anywhere you need it and whenever.

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