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Why is my Computer So hot, CPU FAN Noisy and Casing Heats up ?

I am running Xp on 3.0 GHz processor 512 MB of RAM 80 GB Hard drive 2 Dvd Drives inside a Chembro Gaming Bomb Casing with a Rear Fan 120 mm and a Front Fan 80 mm also having a Hard Disk Fan;

After 5 mins of operation with only 3 Windows of Internet Explorer Running the Cpu Starts to heat up together with the other Component in the Casing !

Could any one tell what i can do as i have already extra Fans and Still heats up ! My Casing becomes very hot when the Fan starts to be noisy

Is there any solution either in Software or Hardware To prevent a such noisy environment and to reduce the Heat?


Using A HEC Power Op Series 435W Power Supply having 2 Fans each 80 mm. I did try to change the System fans but same problem of heating up. All fans are well fitted front as Intake & Rear as Extractor. The power supply Fans seems to run properly according to the Sensor. Most of the time all processes are idle or using up to 10 % of CPU

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    1st chk the CPU , then u must have 3 fans inside , all to take the air from the case to the outside , also some softwares u can lower the cpu rate like real player , aslo may one program makes the cpu to go to 100% chk it

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    if the fan is noisy, is it because it is failing? A new fan can fail too. Do you have the fan direction correct? im assuming yes since fans have clips that cant go on wrong. get another fan with a good return policy and see if your fan is not defective. perhaps try a different brand fan. A 3.0 processor is NOT that hot of a chip to be causing so many problems. perhaps invest in water coolling if you still cant resolve this.

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    You didn't mention your power supply fan, Unless that was the rear fan you mentioned. I actually have both a rear fan and a power supply fan (also in the rear). My daughter's computer was overheating to the point of shutting itself down. The problem was the power supply fan was not working, I replaced the fan and had no problems with overheating.

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    Hardware that is power hungry is going to generate more heat. That's a given. You may want to clean it of dust bunnies and maybe add an extra case fan. Brandon

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    It happens mainly if the fan is not fit in properly so try removing the fan and fix it in properly. That should solve ur issue.

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    go to a computer shop like pc world and they will put the in for u ask frist to make sure it is the fan

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    There's no any solution in software , but you can change a bigger fan

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