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How come "4 balls" is a walk and "3 strikes" is called an out? Why 4 and 3? What the logic behind it?

What if the rules change to "3 balls is a walk" and "2 strikes is an out"?

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    Wow, some real jerks answering today.

    It wasn't always three strikes or four balls. The numbers changed frequently during the early years of baseball, and I think it was only in the 1890s when they moved the mound back to 60' 6" that they settled on four balls and three stikes being the best balance for the hitter and the pitcher. logic, just trial and error.

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    Makes no sense - man with 4 balls CANNOT walk.....

    There is a timing logic behind it to keep hitters from getting on base without hitting but to also make sure pitchers are giving them pitches to hit. It is to encourage action and batters to put the ball in play. If you had a 3-3 it is actually uneven because a foul ball is a strike but can't be the final strike. The extra ball is to encourage hitters to create action and earn their way on base knowing that the pitcher has some relief. If you added more balls required the pitcher would never throw anything close and the game would last forever but if you took one ball away the batters would be walking all over the place and then the game would last forever making it cricket.

    It is pretty fair and works out that a batter can foul off strike 3 as many times as he can but a pitcher can only throw 4 out of the strike zone.

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    Actually this is an interesting question. I guess the logic behind this is that it make sense, Timing wise. If it is was what you said "3 balls is a walk..." than the game will be too short. Most likely a game would end an hour early or so and fans will feel it is not worth going to the game

    If it was increased (3 balls for a walk and 4 strikes for a strike out), the game will feel like it lasted for eternity, thus tiring out all the players and being too long for fans to stay at the ball park because of work the next day.

    So in conclusion, what they have now fits in the middle of not making the game too long or too short.

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    That is a good question, but as far as I know of baseball, that has always been the rules of the game. And I don't think that it will ever change, no matter if you get sick of the rule, or confused why it is the rules. That the way it has been, and I bet the way it will always be, and if they made it 3 balls is a walk and 2 strikes is an out, it just might be too easy for pitchers to get their outs they need for as long they can in a baseball game.

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    if they changed the rule to 3 balls and 2 strikes. every pitcher would be able to pitch complete games and then baseball would become a sport where no one scores

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    What if my aunt had balls? She would be my uncle.

    Its harder to throw a small ball 60' 6", across a plate 17 inches wide, between someones nipples and knees, on a downward angle than it is to hit it. Therefore you get more chances than you do to hit it.

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    Well probably because the pitcher has to throw the ball into the little square... which is a bit more difficult than hitting the ball in my oppinion... and also is why i am not a pitcher, I looove hittin.

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    I believe it should be "It has been three months since I came here".

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    cause thats how its been

    what if it was 1 innning of play instead of 9th innnins? what if the top the home team batting instead of vistors?

    you can ask this question so many times iwth an "if" your not going to get a clear answer

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    That would be stupid like your question is.

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