My 2 year old son loves guns (not real guns)?

My two year old son loves to play with squirt guns, Nerf guns, dart guns. Now he doesn't have one at home, but every time we are at a friends house or a birthday party he finds one that belongs to another child, and plays with it all day or night. It was just his birthday this weekend and my husband and i were thinking about getting him some but i didn't think it was appropriate. (he also doesn't watch violet cartons or much tv at all just blues clues) Anyways, at his party a friend got him a nerf/dart gun thing and he LOVES it. I just want some advice and wanted to know if i should give in and just buy him some toy guns? I asked my best friend and she said she kept toy guns away from her son until he was 8 and now he loves them and its the only thing he likes to play with.

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    As someone who raised 4 kids, the one piece of advice I can give you is to be balanced. When you take something away that everyone else has the kids develop a somewhat unhealthy fascination with it--like your bf's son. In my opinion it is best to buy him a toy gun that is age appropriate and then use it to to teach him safe boundaries/rules, i.e. asking permission to play with someone, no pointing at people's faces, etc. This way you are teaching him and helping him to develop respect. Further if he breaks the rules & you give either a time out or take away the toy for a specific amount of time he learns there are consequences to his inappropriate actions.

    Of course do be careful with look-alike toy guns since there have been some tragic consequences with these.

    Also try to enjoy this time with your son as much as possible--I can assure you that it passes much quicker than you think! Atuna matata! (no worries).

    I hope this helps. Good Luck!

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    If you must let the child play with toy guns, also teach him gun law and gun safety... no sharing. A nerf/dart gun thing is not age appropriate for a 2 year old...whether he likes ito or not.

    My father bought my son a toy gun, imagine my surprise when the cops showed up because the postal worker thought it was real.

    My children are grown now, and in the military. They have always had a healthy respect for weapons, toy or otherwise. I believe that if a child cannot learn gun safety, then they shouldn't be playing with them.

    - If you do decide to get toy guns, make sure they are neon colored...The orange tip put on the black ones come off easily.

    - With summer coming up, it might be wise to check with your local town ordinance in regards to water guns. As I understand it, some places consider water guns like super soakers to be weapons, because some people have put more than water in them.

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    My 2 and 4 yr old sons love toy guns. They both know that they can only touch toy guns and they are not aloud to shoot people with them because if they do I take them away and the loose it for the rest of the day. Their is nothing wrong with him having a toy gun. It is actually a great way to teach him about which ones are toys and which ones are not.

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    Buy him a Nerf gun, But teach him not to point it at people faces or Privates, They are tons of fun and are harmless in the legs, arms, torso, and back, the darts are only made of thin foam you could just give him the gun and not the darts

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    You should talk to your son's peds doctor and take what they say in to serious consideration. They may even suggest another doctor for him to talk to. I understand the whole meds debate but my girlfriend was the same way and believe me I love her children but her one son was way pass hyper. And she always said she did not want her child on drugs and one day my sister was watching her children and he took a rope and tried to hang himself. He was only 6 years old when that happened and my girlfriend was a hot mess. Which she had every right her child just tried to kill himself. So she took him to the dr and she broke down and had to put him on meds and now it is almost 5 years and he is doing great. Grades went up, his behavior did a 360 and he is not perfect but no kid is but he is the regular get on your nevers pre teen. But every situation is different so I hope the dr can help you out before it gets to the point that he acts out his threats of killing himself. Because I feel if my sister was not keep such a close eye on him he could of gotten really hurt.

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    Wow...seriously, what is wrong with you paranoid parents? They're freaking DART guns and squirt guns, he's not going to decide "hey, I think that it would be fun if I started shooting people with real guns!" If anything, he'll be LESS violent if you give him some fake guns.

    Seriously, parents need to stop being so paranoid about things like things, do they think that kids are complete idiots or something?

  • I think nerf guns are okay, or any gun that doesn't look like a REAL gun. It's really up to you. But I will not get my son a gun that even remotely look real, that's just me.

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    I personally don't think that there is anything wrong with buying him a toy gun since he is too young to understand the whole violence thing anyways.

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    When my oldest son was little, I didn't buy weapons for him. He would still turn anything he had into a gun...carrots, crayons, blocks, whatever. It's in the DNA for boys. I still didn't condone the violence, but if other people chose to buy weapon toys for him he could have those.

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    i know exactly what you mean...when my son started preschool one of hte students showed him how to make a gun with legos and he made them all the time...i discouraged him, but he grew out of it. He loves cars and otherboy things.

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