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Which alva baby cloth diapers?

I am looking at cloth diapering and am strongly lookin at the Alva diapers at I was trying to decide between the color snap diapers and the pure diapers. The color snaps have a double row of snaps a 4 snap rise and double leg gussets the pure have single row of snaps a 3 snap rise and single leg gussets. I can get 20 purse for about $83 or 7 color snaps for $45. Has anyone ever used one or both?

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    these diapers look great! and they are so much cheaper than what they were a few years ago...

    i personally have never used this brand but they look very similar to the Baby Kanga diapers that i used on my daughter a few years back..

    i would get the ones with the four snaps and the double leg they come with inserts...

    invest in a few extra inserts for nap time and bed time and you will be good...

    cloth diapering is great! so long as you get the right stuff, and learn how to wash them they save a ton of money...

    good luck!!!!

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    i exploit a pair distinct manufacturers. My favorites are bummis organic and organic cotton prefolds with thirsties covers. The covers could be re-used so which you basically choose some, and the prefolds are useful and additionally unbleached. I particularly have a set of bum genius wallet and that i admire those as properly. each and every from time to time I stuff them with the prefolds particularly of the microfiber for evening time or going out, whilst i don't comprehend if i would be waiting to alter her as normally. I additionally use g-diapers and prefer those as properly. i don't use the g-fabric in spite of the undeniable fact that, I in basic terms stuff them with my prefolds. truthfully, those prefolds are necessary for me. i attempted to apply alvas and sunbabies and in basic terms did not like them. They have been less costly in fee AND high quality. I strongly propose going with a prefold/disguise equipment.

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