Can I put 4 ohms home speakers in my car?

Obviously it is better to use 6.5 speaker. Most home speakers require 8 but I have a cheap set that only requires 4 ohms (atleast that is what it says on the back of the player that originally powers it). The 6.5 speakers also requires 4 ohms. Anything wrong with this set up? I want to try the home speakers for a while just as an experiment I guess. The power is compatible so what else can conflict?


I have an amp connected to my Sub, and the rear speakers are hooked up to a head unit.

Update 2:

after market head unit

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    Yea, 4 ohms is normal for car audio.

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    You would be best advised against doing that. Normally there is a crossover network in line with all drivers including the woofer. If the original woofer was 8 ohms and you put a 4 ohm woofer in place of it, that could spell awfulness in terms of sound. Also, some amplifiers might not be "comfortable" with the combination. However, if you bypass the crossover network and run the woofer directly to the connection, that will create a much more stable situation for the amplifier (but not 100% if the amp can't handle a 4 ohm load at all). Even then, the sound quality may not be as good as the original. You will just have to carefully experiment. Do it carefully.

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    Speakers don't require an ohm load. They present an ohm load to the amp, or stereo. The ohm rating you see on the back of the speaker is called the impedence. That is the load the amp will see nominally. It actually varies depending on the frequency being played. If you have a pair of speakers that fit your car; are an ohm load the amp can handle; and can handle the power output of the amp, then you can use them safely. If they are 4-ohm, and rated at an RMS value of 25 watts or more then I would say it is safe to use them. The HU most likely puts out less than that RMS per channel.

    I would look at the speaker itself, not the radio that played them, and see what it says on them.

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    depends on the stability of your amplifier

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