Does anyone know if Sansui LCD HDTV's are any good?

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    Jeanie: Sansui is one of the "cheapies" that can only promise low entry price and real problems later - like parts and service. Generally, best LCD brand is Sony - but the most expensive. Best bang for the buck is Panasonic, Toshiba, and Hitachi. Stay away from Philips/Magnavox and the little known brands like Ilo, Vizio, and Olevia.

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    Couldn't really find much on Sansui LCD's but their history has really changed over the years and this gives you an idea of who is really mfg their TVs.

    Founded in Tokyo in 1947, Sansui initially manufactured electronic parts, but by the 1960s had developed a reputation for making serious audio components. They were sold in foreign markets through that and the next decade. Sansui's amplifiers and tuners from the 1960s and 1970s remain in demand by audio enthusiasts.

    In the UK around 1982, the Sansui AU-D101 amplifier and its more powerful sibling the AU-D33, were highly acclaimed by audiophiles and were so well matched to a pair of KEF Coda III speakers that they could be bought as a set from some outlets. These amplifiers used a complex Feed-forward servo system which resulted in very low 2nd order harmonic distortion. Despite this success, Sansui completely failed to follow up with further mass market audiophile components.

    As the mid 1980s arrived, however, sales were lost to competitors (Sony, Pioneer, Matsushita's Technics). Sansui began to lose visibility in the United States around 1988, and then focused on manufacturing high-end components in Japan. The company began to manufacture high-end television sets and other video equipment, but ceased exportation. In the late 1990s, the company's brand was used on video equipment manufactured by other companies. The current manufacturer of the rebranded sets is Orion Electric, based in Osaka and Fukui, Japan. Its U.S. subsidiary markets products under the Sansui brand, among others. Sansui is thus a mere umbrella brand at present. This radical change in Sansui's corporate identity has resulted in a notable change in its product quality as consumers now tend to consider Sansui a mass-market brand rather than a maker of high-end electronics.

    Orion Electric Co., Ltd. (, Orion Denki Kabushiki-gaisha?) was established in 1958 in Osaka, Japan, and it is currently based in the city of Echizen, Fukui Prefecture. The products manufactured were transistor radios, radio cassette recorders, car stereos, and music centers. In 1967, Orion Electric moved to Fukui prefecture in Japan, where it still has its head office today. One of the world's largest OEM television and video manufacturers, Orion produces well over six million televisions and twelve million VCRs, DVD players, and combo units each year. Orion is a highly-valued supplier to OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) customers.

    The Orion Group employs in excess of 9,000 workers. It has factories and offices on four continents, including Japan, Thailand, United Kingdom, and United States (now closed). Its flagship Thailand factories are especially proud of their achievement as being one of the top exporters in this country, and have been recognized with an award from the Thai Government for their contribution.

    Over the years, Orion has established and expanded its manufacturing facilities to develop and produce large and small screen color TVs (CRT, LCD, plasma), TV combos, VCRs, camcorders (VHS-C), DVD players, and DVD/VCR combos for the U.S., European, and Australian markets. Orion is the originator of the televideo concept and has continued to develop unique technology to meet the ever-changing needs of the consumer electronics market around the globe.

    Orion manufactures products for eleven of the world's top electronic brands. Its primary, long-time brands are Broksonic, Durabrand, Memorex, Orion, and Sansui. Orion used to manufacture many televisions and VCRs for Emerson Radio during the 80s and 90s, but Emerson Radio went bankrupt and was brought up by Funai in 2000. Since 2001, Orion has then been a highly-valued supplier for Toshiba. Orion currently manufactures all CRT, Plasma, LCD televisions (sized 23" and under), and DVD/VCR combos for Toshiba, as well as some LCD televisions for Sharp, and DVD players for Onkyo and Pioneer. Orion also operates Orion Sales, headquartered in Olney, Illinois, for the North American market, under the iLO, Orion, and Sansui brands. Up until 2001, Orion was the exclusive supplier for Wal-Mart of discounted Orion-branded televisions and VCRs during the 90's.

    Not really sure but Toshiba is a strong name in the HDTV market right now and so is Sharp so they may be worth a serious look.

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