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What Size Diaper & Your Baby?

I was just wondering what size diaper your son or daughter is in now? And how old is he or she?

My son is almost a year old & in a size 4 and is 20 pounds 8 ounces.

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    my son is 10.5 months and is still in size 4, he is 22lbs

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    My son is 11 months and in size 4. He's just over 23 pounds and almost 31". This is how it went

    NB - 10 days

    Size 1 - 0-1.5 months

    Size 2 - 1.5-3 months

    Size 3 - 3-8 months

    Size 4 - 8-11 months

    He blew in the beginning then slowed down around 4 months or so. I found I don't mean to but I always follow the recommended weights. Broke out size 4 right as he was turning 22 pounds. I hear some people it doesn't match up but for us it always seems to!

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    My daughter has always been in one size bigger than suggested on the diaper packages (most of them). She's been in size 4 diapers since she was about 10.5 months (and around 20 pounds). She's still in 4 and she's a year on Tuesday.

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    My son is 18 mos (19 on the 27th), he was 20 lb 5 oz. at his 18 month check up on June 30th, and he also wears a size 4.

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    pampers have bulk packing bins that are length a million and 2 so which you get the two.. my daughter grow to be in newborns for some weeks, length one for a good month or 2 then length 2 for a month then went rapidly to length 3. She has been in length 4 because of the fact that she grow to be approximately 7 months previous (shes 11 a million/2 months now) She grow to be 6 lbs 11 delivery. you quite won't be able to wager.. because of the fact all toddlers are diverse. yet, I hear you are able to continuously take diapers decrease back and replace them for the bigger length.

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    my son is 13 mo and hes on size 4 diapers with 23.8 pounds

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    My son is in 1-2 month, and they are a little small. He's almost three months old and around 14 lbs.

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    My boy is almost 9 weeks, and he is in a size 2. Not for much longer though.

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    my daughter is almost 3 months old, Huggies size 2, Pampers size 1 (Huggies r for some reason a lil smaller than Pampers)...she should be bout 12lbs right now.

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    my daughter is almost 9 months and in size 3..she will be in them for a while lol

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    My baby is 3 months old, in size 1 and is 12lbs

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