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Foamy Bubbles on the top of my fish tank?

I think my fish is making those bubbles because I don't have a tank filter. But why is my fish making bubbles? Is that bad? They look all foamy, is it because my fish tank is dirty? =/

It's like..imagine soap and water, those kinda bubbles.


Yes, it is a Betta

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    If your fish is a male betta or a male gourami, then it is making a bubblenest because it is of breeding age and the conditions are correct for it to mate and spawn. It's no big deal, it just means that your fish is healthy and happy. There is no need to run out and get a female so that your fish can mate, it's an instinctive thing and it doesn't actually represent a desire to mate, just that the fish is at the right stage of life to do so. So, it's not bad at all.

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    What fish? If it's a Betta that's their way of breeding and the send a bunch of bubbles up but will only be in one specific spot. If it's more sudsy and foaming covering the whole outer ring of the tank then it's a Protein build up which is very harmful to fish in that amount.

    Do a 50% water change and you should be all set. I'd replace you carbon if you have any too.

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    You need to invest in a filter ASAP.

    Fish can survive quite some time in a dirty tank, yes, but over time the buildup of toxins from it's urine and feces will poison the water.

    A simple filter will clear the water and allow the fish to "breathe" easier. It's also better for avoiding water-borne diseases.

    Wal-mart sells some inexpensive fish tank filters that actually do a pretty good job. The smallest costs about $10-15 but is worth the investment.

    You might want to check out some books at your local library about aquariums and fish keeping. The information will help you keep your fish alive longer.

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    My instructor had the comparable project in 5th grade; we had a tropical fish tank. The bubbles in simple terms recommend that the tank desires to be wiped sparkling generally, notwithstanding in case you assert which you do it. If the clear out would not artwork a nicely because it did once you got it, you rather ought to get a extra present day one.

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    What kind of fish do you have? If it is a male betta, he is making a bubble nest!! that a good thing. I would suggest getting an under-gravel filter they are cheaper and allot less maintenance.

    Best of Luck

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    never ever ever put your fish into a lake or any body of water.

    That is why their are goldfish everywhere in lakes rivers and streams, even the fancy bubble eye kind.

    You need to get a filter for what ever fish you have and if not the tank needs to be cleaned out 100% every few days (yes days not weeks).

  • could be protien or a nest. clean the tank and get a filter

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    Sweet! My male dwarf gourami's doing that! I'm really going to get a female today! Does it come back when you scrape it of? Mine does.

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    um definitely clean the cage right away and get a filter or usually they will die if you are not planning to get a filter than u should put them in a lake or give them to somebody with a filtered fish tank

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    it's a breeding nest made by male beta fish- it's not a problem

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