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Universal TV Remote?

I saw a universal tv remote on the internet that says it can control most any tv. I thought it would be funny to change the channel of my friends tv as a prank. Does anyone have experiance or know that these remotes actually work?


The remote I saw says you just have to point it at the tv, press a button, and after a few seconds it will work.

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    Dude....You are SO funny ! Wait till the Superbowl comes on..right - Wait till one of the teams start to score and then BLAM....turn it to one of them Billy shot Bobby, as your world turns, day's that are restless SOAP OPERA'S. I might get me one of those. Yeah, they do have them, at Wal-Mart ! I just checked them online. I gotta get one, We are gonna have some fun now...Later Bro ! I'M FLIPPING THE CHANNEL ON YOU NOW !!

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    It's going to be difficult to use a regular consumer universal remote to do a prank.

    Instead, use the Ninja Remote. it tries all the possible codes available until it finds the right one. It's also very tiny and fits on your keychain. I have one, works like a charm.

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    Most Universal remotes, even the expensive ones, forget the code(s) when you change batteries.

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    they usually bring a code for all the TVs so you have to press a bottom to activate the code and put the code which goes with the brand of TV.. just make sure you take time to set it up and he doesn't watch you doing it... good luck

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    All the Univeral we have bought, have worked and easy to program.

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