How do I connect to a wireless network from a wireless access point. Using two different routers

Basically my neighbor has a linksys router. I want to turn that one into an access point. I have a belkin router. Both are wireless. Does anyone know how to do this step by step. Thank you in advance.

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    A router kinda is an access point.

    The only way I have seen this done is with same brand devices with security setup on both.

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  • 4 years ago

    Yes. Connect an ethernet cable from an ethernet port on the Verizon modem to an ethernet port on the router. As mentioned previously, Turn off DHCP and remove any DNS addresses on the router (this way, the router can act as a switch). Now the computers that are attached to the router should get an IP address automatically from the modem. Make sure that the router and the modem are assigned an IP address and subnet mask that are on the same network.

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  • 1 decade ago

    There are a couple ways, both require that your houses are fairly close in proximity.

    1: Run an ethernet cable from your house to your nieghbors router. Ethernet standards require that this be less than 100m of cable to sustain perfect speeds, more distance is possible, with possible loss of packets.

    2: get a wireless repeater. this takes your signal and amplifies it further down the line. again, distance is a factor. also look into getting a high-gain antenea, which is more directional than the standard wi-fi antenea which sends it in a circle.

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