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Does installing a wireless router give you WiFi Access?

I am a novice and was wondering if setting up a wireless router to stream movies, as I plan to do, would also allow me to access Kindle via WiFi.

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    If you already have internet connection for your compuer at home, then yes, all you need is a wireless router. You just need to connect the cable internet at your home to the wireless router, then it'll become a WiFi hotspot. The Kindle device can then connect to the internet via the WiFi hotspot.

    Here you can find some more discussion on this, as well as some suggestion on wireless routers to get:

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    Wifi = wireless.

    Basically a router need's to have a connection to the internet, either via a dialup modem, or a cable broadband modem or dsl/adsl or fios modem/device.

    What a wireless router does, is spread or broadcast the internet network over a physical area, like a radio broadcast.

    I do not know much about kindle.

    But once your router is setup, so that other devices can use/access the internet, then you need to set that up for the kindle, presuming it has a wireless/wifi capability.

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    A wireless router would give you access to that network only. Just install dsl internet on that wireless router then only that router would provide internet to all connected devices!

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    A wireless router (WIFI) is purely meant to allow you to connect to your existing internet service without wires. Any device you use that has WIFI can connect to your router without wires.

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    Aside from the router, you'll need an internet service provider. And yes, if you have both, that should work. Just set up a new connection.

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