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Hair Removal Cream on Cats?

I have a cat that is really sick & I am nursing him back to health. The problem is that since he can't groom his fur has become very matted. I got a electric razor from Petsmart to see if I could get rid of it that way, but it was too thick & was hurting him too much.

My question is: does anyone know if a hair removal cream (i.e. Nair, Veet) would work to remove the matted fur? I think that it would work, but since the fur is finer than leg hair it might be left on for a 2-3 minutes instead of 10.

Any information or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. If you have tried this OR if you know of something that works on matted fur, please let me know.

Thank you in advance.

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    Don't put any chemicals such as Nair on a cat, especially a sick cat.

    Matted fur usually has to be removed in stages, rather than going to the bottom of the mat, near the skin, and trying to take the whole thing. Be very careful with any kind of scissors to remove them...a cat always seems to move suddenly and gets cut.

    What we have success with where I work is one of those letter -openers that are a disk or rectangle of plastic with a slit where the razor is. There is a point to open the edge of the envelope flap, then you slide it along and the razor cuts the envelope open. (I wish I had a photo to show you.) We've had good luck using the plastic point to separate and grasp a hunk of matted hair, then using the razor to cut it free. The sharp razor edge never comes near the cat's skin but it cuts the mat easily.

    Ah...here are some lettter-openers similar to the ones we use.


    Source(s): I work at a vet hospital.
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    Cat Hair Removal Products

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    Never do this to an animal,are you cruel or just very stupid? a cats whiskers are Essential to a cat to feel their way in the dark,you two would be up on animal cruelty charges if you tried anything like this,putting hair removal cream on an animal would cause them great pain,but is that want you want to do?never leave her alone with the cat,and report her to the police,she needs locking up, i would drop her as a friend.

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    Are you NUTS you can't put that stuff on a cat let alone a sick cat.I suggest cutting the fur first then use your clippers or a vet and even a groomer to remove the matts. What ever you do do not put such a harsh chemical on that cat.

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  • Laurie
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    Do not use hair removal cream on your cat. It will burn the skin badly. With burns are infections. Until he is back to health just lightly brush him and if possible wipe him down with waterless cat wipes. When he is well you can take him to a groomer. Illness can make the hair mat. Just try gently to loosen it away from his skin using your fingers.

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    I wouldn't advise it. A cat's skin is very different from a human's, and even limited exposure to something as harsh as a depilatory cream may burn her, or make her develop a rash. I believe animal shelters remove matted hair using a regular men's shaving razor.

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    Like the others said a hair removal cream will

    just burn his skin. The cat needs his hair to keep warm.

    I bath my cat with baby shampoo. When your cat is up to it perhaps using the shampoo & warm water might be a solution for your cats matted hair.

  • anon
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    Hmnn looks like a chemical burn in the making! That stuff is HARSH!

    You can contact the vet you are working with and ask if they can strip the cat under sedation. They can give some PromAce and use their heavy duty clippers. This is a realitvely stressless way to go about it.

  • OPad
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    I wouldn't try it. Could be extremely irritating to his skin. Have you tried cuttint the hair first before shaving him?

  • Anonymous
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    Go to or call your vet's office and see if they can do it safely or if there is a cat (not dog) groomer in your area. Please do not use that on him/her..you can really burn their skin..that is strong cream.

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