Can I use a 12V DC power adapter for Casio Keyboard that requires a 9V?

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    no. and I wouldn't try it 2 things could happen it could start a fire or it could burn out your keyboard

    go to radio shack or some place similar and buy one of the universal power adapters. they allow you to switch voltage. so you can switch between 9v,12v,6v and the others. they run about 20 bucks and cheaper

    Source(s): and for the record i produce music and work in this type of field for a living.
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    5 years ago

    Just one thing here. I may be wrong, but I'm sure someone will point that out to me. If this adapter is not regulated 9V, then if the device only pulls 300ma, the voltage output of the adapter will be higher than 9V. Some of these non-regulated adapters will only give you the rated voltage when the rated current is met. Example: I have a 12V adapter rated at 200ma. Without any load, it reads 18V. As I load the adapter, the voltage starts to drop until I reach close to 200ma and the voltage approaches 12V. Something to consider in any circumstance. Although in this case, it sounds like it would be OK, considering only 50ma difference.

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    Power Cord For Casio Keyboard

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    I've heard, but this wasn't me that said this, that a higher voltage than what an electronic requires is OK, but a lower voltage is not (the lower voltage is what causes fires is what they said). I've also heard that if you use a higher voltage, over time the components will wear out faster.

    I recommend going into a music shop that sells keyboards and looking for an official keyboard adapter. None of the keyboards I have purchased came with one - even my fancy Yamaha Portable Grand. They have to sell them somewhere because you have to be able to get power to them! =)

    If nothing else, go to the store that sells the keyboards and the cords and bring the one you're thinking of using with you. Compare it to the ones they're selling. Ask an associate.

    I'm in the same sort of boat right now. I test video games for a thrift store, and we have 3 old NES consoles with no AC adapters, and they're 9V as well, so I'm not sure if I can use my scanner's 12V adapter, but I've heard (from my source below) that it's OK.

    Source(s): (for NES, but NES consoles are 9V as well)
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    Casio Keyboard Power Cord

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