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Do you actually think 4-blade or 3 blade razors are better than 2-blade razor???

They cost way more but not too sure that they worth it. are they?

All my life been using 2-blade razor and saw all these ads... Is it that much better?

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    Here is a very descriptive site about the difference between the quality of the number of blades in razors called "How Many Razor Blades Do I Really Need?":


    The site, however, argues that there is little difference. I, on the other hand, see a significant difference between various razors.

    -First, the increased width of the razor prevents cuts because it is more of a flat surface.

    -Second, I noticed that I can allow myself to shave the same area only once or twice opposed to 3-4 times with a 2-blade razor.

    -Third, due to the decreased amount of times I must shave the same area, there is less or no irritation.

    This is a site with over 100 customer reviews to a 3-blade razor. Most of them are positive; the customers define the razor's advantages and disadvantages. Most agree that the razor is expensive, but produces a clean shave.


    Hope this helps!

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    3 Blade Razor

  • 4 years ago

    2 Blade Razor

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    I am in my forties and mostly do not believe the ads I see regarding blades. For years I used the cheapest disposables I could find. However since shaving my head I found that the better the blade the better the shave. I now use the Gillette Fusion (without the vibrating handle, I still have some dignity) and love it. The extra blades make all the difference and I no longer nick my head when shaving it. Yes they make the difference.

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    I believe the mach three blade razor is better than any two blade razor I've ever tried, however, anything over three is overkill and a marketing scheme.

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    you know what ive found? the cheapy bag of disposable two blade razors work just fine, and if you dont mind usuing a PINK one ive found that the disposable razors made for women are actually much better then the ones for men and there the same price.i use my girfriends razors haha.

  • i use a 4 blade razor and it doesnt irritate my skin

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    I'm quite pleased with my Gillette Fusion Power. But then, I have trouble removing all the stubble under my chin with other razors.

    If you have a face that's easy to shave, you probably would be fine with a cheaper razor, but this one is the best I've used, so far.

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    The only advantage I would see is that you cut yourself 3 or 4 times as much.

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