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How to wire 2 remote bass knobs car sub woofers?

I recently bought two Alpine Type X's, and 2 kicker ZX1500.1 amps to go to each one. Is there any way possible to use just one remote control bass knob instead of having to use both and adjust each amp independently?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    YES, all you need is a simple phone jack splitter-- you can get them anywhere from the drug store places like radio shack (i have two kicker amps connected this way and it controls them together perfectly and only cost a few bucks)

  • 5 years ago

    a knob like that vice the one that comes from the amp itself (looks like a phone jack) may or may not change the quality of the sound. your amp recieves a signal from your head unit which may be anywhere from .5V (or less for cheap junk) to 5V and your knob may be providing resistance to that signal which will lower the voltage that the amp sees. Unless the knob has an external power supply, it will not increase that signal and not make your subs louder, and something tells me it doesn't have power to it except for an LED that makes it glow at night. also, if your knob is of poor quality electronics, it may add distortion to that signal. if your head unit does not have a dedicated subwoofer level control, you may "kneed" that knob or at least need to order the appropriate knob from your amp's manufactuer. if your deck does have that control, you may be better off without the knob. keep in mind: it only matters if it matters to you. do you think it sounds good? then stick with it if you want to. don't let other people's opinions of what "sounds good" have any bearing on you because (unless you plan on competing) you are doing this system for you. also remember that keeping it simple is often the key to making it better. half of those accesories for stereos out there are just gadgety crap.

  • 1 decade ago

    thers no way possible because you have to plug it in directly to the amp i have 2 rockford fosgate amps and 2 knobs mounted below my dash and they do not get in the way just mount them where it will look the best for you mabe like in a middle console just be creative

  • 1 decade ago

    Yes if you go to

    it's a universal bass remote and it wires in line with your RCA's. you'll just need to run one pair off your head unit to one amp and one pair between the 2 amps

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