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Oil Sending Unit was changed 2x, but Check Gages Light still comes on!! What's the problem?

I have a 1999 Jeep Cherokee Laredo with 150,000 miles on it. For the past 3 weeks, my Check Gages light has been coming on only when I slow down or come to a complete stop. When the light comes on, the "oil gage" needle always swings down to "0". However, when I speed up again, even to just 10 or 15 mph, the Check Gages light goes off and the oil needle goes rises back up to the middle.

My oil was just changed a month ago, and it's still good.

So, I was told that it may be the Oil Sending Unit. Therefore, I went to get it changed. The mechanic changed it and we let it run for about 3-5 minutes and the oil needle stayed in the middle without me giving it any gas and the Check Gages light didn't come on. So, I left, and within 10 minutes, the Check Gages light came back on and the oil needle went back down to "0".

So, because I was too far away from that mechanic, I went to another mechanic, whom I know a little better. I told him about the problems with the car (but not the fact that I had just returned from another mechanic). He also said that it's the Oil Sending Unit. So, he replaced it, and again, I left and nothing changed.

I've talked to several different people about the car (before I took it to 2 mechanics) and each person said that it's the Oil Sending Unit. But, one person specifically told me to sit the car down until I can get it fixed because this could be serious (and that's when I decided to take it to a mechanic); while another person said that since I'm not having any other problems and my oil and other fluids are good, then I can drive it.

I'll be getting a new car at the end of next month. Can I drive this vehicle for the next month and half, as long as no other problems pop up? Can anyone PLEASE tell me what is going on here??


My oil pressure was checked by at least two different people, and that was found to be normal.

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    Have you check the wire condition of the sending unit and the gauge? A loosen wire make the power can't deliver finely and make the reading is not correct. If the wire connection is fine, do an oil change. The oil change by drain and flush, it need to be done to waste the dirt inside, the trapped dirt might block the oil to circulating and the sending read as low oil pressure.

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    It sounds like maybe its just an electrical fault, or your vehicle is LOW on oil pressure. My best advice (and your mechanic really should have done this) is to have someone run a compression test on all the cylinders, and make sure they are all within 5-10 lbs of each other. If your compression is good, and you have the right amount of oil in it, its most likely just a short in the wiring, or a bad ground in the electrical system. Check those two things, if they are good, you should be ok to drive it with no problems for the couple of months.

    Source(s): Honda & Suzuki Service Technician Graduate of MMI (Motorcycle Mechanics Institute) Phoenix Az. 25+ years riding experience
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    First what easy in on? verify your proprietors handbook and is it your, oil point easy? or oil tension easy? there's a distinction, the oil point easy shows while the oil point is low, the oil tension easy shows that there's no longer sufficient oil tension. The oil pump pumps oil into the engine to realize a undeniable oil tension, this creates hydraulic tension and helps separate the transferring metallic area via including a hydraulic point. What may well be incorrect no rely if it is your oil tension easy this is on? Pump no longer pumping finished tension. Oil is the incorrect weight. Oil tension sending unit is undesirable. if that's the oil point easy then, your oil point sending unit may well be undesirable, or additionally incorrect weight of oil. Engine oil is somewhat considerable, i might seek for out a storage of my have faith as quickly as conceivable. suited of success

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