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Question about Raid ant killer and pets?

I have an ant problem in my apartment and I got raid ant killer to use. I will follow all of the instructions and remove all food and dishes away from the area to be sprayed, including the pet food and dishes. However, how long do I keep my pets away from the area that I sprayed? It does not say on any of the products how long until it is safe to let my pets go back to the area that was sprayed.

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    I would say 72 hours at the earliest, keeping them far away from where you sprayed, also double mop the entire area with a really clean mop and some good soap, then clean the mop after use so that you don't spread the ant killer around your house next time you mop.

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    Raid Pets

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    A vet once told me that it takes a lot of the poison itself to kill an animal and most of the spray is a buffer to give it substance. Only a miniscule amount of the liquid is poison. After it dries its safe no need to wait 72 hours unless you overdo it but even then the risk is minimal. Most of these sprays are made with pets and children in mind. The really dangerous ones are airborne poisons like the "bombs" and any that have significant risk usually require a licensed professional to administer.

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    24 to 48 hours and mop your floors before you let your pets back in.

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    do not use raid i found out if you use artifical sugar that has aspertine in it if the ants eat it they will die aspertine kills

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