Why dont they make pyrex/Corning Visions/glass frying pans any more?

I want to purchase a Pyrex skillet or frying pan, and all i can find is antiques nothing recent.. why dont they make these no more?

I mean the strong glass, pyrex, Corning Visions, pans you usually see them Amber colored and gave a waffle bottom.

im baffled why they dont make these, you'd think glass-making have improved and they could make frying pans made of pyrex which would be healthier than non-stick and metal pans.

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    7 years ago
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    Pyrex was bought out by a new company several years ago who changed the products to save costs. They're no longer made of borosilicate glass and they're no longer shatter proof. "New" pyrex glass is prone to exploding and under investigation by Consumer Reports.

    I don't know Corning Visions' story but it's probably more of the same multinational short-term greed scenario.

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    Though these pots were quite pretty and useful since they went from stove top to oven, I am guessing the Visions Ware glass cookware was discontinued because there were complaints of shattering and exploding it the pots became too hot or if liquids were boiled for more than 4 or 5 minutes. The pots also chipped easily and eventually became difficult to clean.

    If you still want to purchase this cookware, check E-bay or local garage/tag sales.

    Edit: Apparently Corning starting reproducing Visions ware some time in the 2000's with some improvements. You can purchase new items here


    or at the Corelle site, though Visions ware seem very limited, click on sale item or do search.

    http://www.corelle.com/ -


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    the Vermont country store sells some of the visions stuff. check their website. one word of warning. if you get on their mailing list you will get catalogs forever.

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