Difference of a convertible car seat and a booster seat one?

I just loosen the straps on my sons car seat because I never thought about it because I thought they were at there max but I have extra money from income taxes so he will need one after he outgrows this one

so any suggestions perfer to know the one you have and how do you like it and whats its cons and pros in your opinion

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    The biggest one to me is that a booster seat is not regulated, and many of the 3-in-1 car seats (baby-toddler-booster) tested as unsatisfactory or would only work with SOME cars, and not with all. If I'm going to spend money on a car seat, I want it to work in no matter car seat I use. Also since they are talking about forcing regulations in the next year or so, the car seat you get NOW may be no good in a couple of years. I'll include a link to the place that tested the boosters and their results so if you do go booster you can pick a good one.

    Alright, I've used 3 convertibles so far. The first is a Britax Decathlon, it goes rear-facing until 33lbs and front-facing until 65lbs, has side-impact testing, and sits high. Some people don't like the room it takes up, but I like the fact that it is high enough she can see out the back seat. It's also pretty plush and comfortable. We took it on an airplane and it fit, but you had to pull up the arm-rests.

    The second was a Safety First 3-in-1 I believe, we were still using it in the rear-facing position. Before the accident the latch for the seatbelt was stiff after just a week or so of use and was getting harder to manage. After the accident, because of the severity of the accident, I was able to get them to replace it.

    I replaced it with a Graco-My-Ride. The cost was about $169 at the time, it's $129 at Wal-mart now and you can get it under $150 most places. It faces rear for 40lbs (for my daughter, that means she'll be rear-facing probably until 4 years old in that one) and faces forwards to 65lbs. It's not as comfortable as the Britax, but has good side-impact and my daughter likes the cup-holders. :P Also the leveler is easier to use than on the Britax, it's easier to rethread when they start to outgrow it (some of the better Britax car seats you don't have to rethread at all to fix the shoulder straps as they grow, which I think is wonderful) and sits high (again, she likes to look out the back window.) I like it as much as I like the Britax, maybe even a little more.

    Now, if I had the means and needed a convertible I'd look at the Radian Sunshine. It faces backwards to 45lbs, forwards to 80lbs, isn't as wide, has good side-impact, a steel frame, and a longer-expiration. The Britax has a 5-6 year expiration on the plastic (you should replace after that time) and the Graco has a 6 year expiration. I think the Radian has an 8 year expiration as well as allowing you to use the LATCH system longer, which is safer. It runs close to $300 though. The negative for that one of course is that people have complained about trying to get it to sit in the rear position laying at the 45degree angle like it's supposed to while others say it didn't give them any trouble in smaller cars even, so I'd want to try it out before buying. Still, that's the one I'd lean towards since you'd basically be using it for the rest of your child's car-seat needs.

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    A convertible seat rear faces and forward faces with a harness system. A booster seat has no harness system but instead uses the car's shoulder/lap belt. Using just a lap belt is not allowed with booster seats.

    If you are in need of a new car seat there are a few things to consider, the age and weight of the child, the car(s) you plan on installing the car seat in, and price.

    If your child is under 12 months and 20lbs you can NOT legally put him forward facing. You want to keep your child rear facing as long as possible because it is 500% safer to do so. There are a a few new car seats on the market that allow rear facing up to 45lbs here's a quick comparison for you

    http://www.toysrus.com/car-seat-finder/index.jsp of the top 5 high weighted seats

    I personally have the radian and love it. It is a tougher install but if it fits, it is well worth the price.

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    Boosters are for kids ages 3ish and up. They just position the kid so the car's seatbelt fits better across. A convertible can be used with infants, toddlers, and younger kids. It can be positioned rear-facing or forward-facing. Rear-facing is safest for kids up to the limit of the seat, which can be up to 40 pounds. 2 years is the recommended minimum nowadays, it's a new recommendation by the AAP. Car-seat.org is the best place to go for recommendations, it's staffed by certified child safety technicians and would have real-world knowledge of what seats work with what cars.

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    A convertible car seat can go from rear facing to forward facing. It is meant for when babies grow out of the carriers.

    The straps should be snug to him and when rear facing below the shoulders, at forward facing above the shoulders. He should not face front until he has too.

    Boosters are for big kids, kindergarten age usually, but it depends on size, my daughter ~might~ be in one in 1st grade. They are not as safe as a 5-point carseat and are meant to make a seatbelt fit properly around a little body.

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    A convertible car seat eliminates the need to buy both an infant seat and a larger seat because it reclines properly for an infant. Since your son is already in an infant seat, there is no reason to specifically select a convertible.

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    the familiar adjustments are the an infant vehicle seat comes with a base and you would be able to eliminate it from the vehicle without unbuckling infant and the convertible vehicle seat keeps to be interior the vehicle so so which you may unbuckle and rebuckle the child while stepping into and out of the vehicle. the child vehicle seat is stable up till the 1st vehicle seat. The convertible vehicle seat grows with your infant. It is going from 0-a million rear dealing with and a million and up till max weight decrease forward dealing with.

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