Water dispenser and ice maker stopped working?

I have a GE model Gsh25kgrb ww refridgerator with water/ice dispenser. About a month ago I noticed it would not dispense water, I changed the water filter and still nothing, yesterday I noticed I had no more ice. I took things apart and started troubleshooting. I have water going to the filter, coming out of the filter the water is good then the water goes to the valve and splits off in two directions one goes up to the ice maker and the other line goes under the fridge over to the bottome of the freezer door then up to the water dispenser. There is a coupling in the line before it goes into the freezer door, I disconnected the water line at the coupling then pressed the dispenser lever and water starting coming out of the coupling however when I reconnect the water line nothing comes out of the dispenser. Im not sure why im not making Ice it could be operater error, I noticed a swing arm underneath the ice make and that could be in the wrong position, im not sure what this arm is for. The ice maker switch is in the ON position.


Last night I lowered the freezer setting because I was not getting water or ice from my freezer door. I took everything out of the freezer and unplugged it for 4 hours when I plugged it back in after about 2 min. of holding the dispenser flap I got a small gush of water then just drips after that. I left the fridge plugged in last night with the freezer set to 1 Lowest setting, and this morning I still got an initial gush then just drips, I also notice small ice cubes about 60% of the original ice cube size. Any suggestions.

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    Turn the icemaker off for more than 30 seconds, then turn it back on and press in on the white lever three times. The icemaker should cycle and run water. If it does run water the first thing you should look for is blocked airflow.

    Make sure the fan in the freezer is running.

    Look at the back freezer wall and see if there is thick ice/frost on it. If so you most likely have a defrost problem. Remove the back panel off the freezer and if ice is completely blocking the coils from top to bottom you have a defrost problem. If ice is partially blocking the coils you may have an air leak such as door gasket or the flap inside the ice shoot in the door could be hung open, a bad thermistor, or a refrigeration problem. This URL will help with all of that http://www.appliance-repair-it.com/GE-refrigerator...

    I think your water line if frozen either in the fresh food section or in the freezer door. To determine where the line if frozen take the line loose under the freezer door and attempt to dispense water. If you are getting water there the line is frozen in the door and if not the line is frozen in the fresh food section.

    To unthaw the line if the door open the door and press the door switch and repeatedly attempt to dispense water until water comes out. If the flap inside the ice shoot is hung open it will cause cold air to freeze the water line. If the flap isn’t hung open GE makes a heater that will keep this from happing again part number WR49X10173. For more on this visit this URL http://www.appliance-repair-it.com/GE-refrigerator...

    If the water line if frozen in the fresh food section remove the drawers in the bottom and use a hair drier to thaw out the line. Blocked airflow will cause this line to freeze.

    I hope this helps!

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    Check out the resource below. You can call and talk with a real person. You will need the appliance model and serial number before you call, they will walk you through almost any appliance repair.

    Source(s): Schedule and Locate Appliance Manufacturer Product Service Online Please call 1-866-433-5879 to speak to a The Home Depot Large Appliance Service Associate.
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    temporarily lower the frig/freezer temp

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