Headphone splitters?

I am looking for some thing that can split the 1 input I have in my computer speakers into 2 inputs and I came to the theory that a headphone splitter (made to create 2 outputs) could do this. Can they? If not, is there anything that can allow me to share the audio input from an Xbox 360 and a PC without switching? Also, I tried plugging the Xbox into a microphone jack, Vista detects the sound but doesn't play it.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    do not plug anything except a microphone into a mic jack. you could run the xbox into the line in jack and hear it along with your computer out of whatever is plugged into your speaker/headphone output jack. Or you could use a splitter or headphone splitter like you are talking about it will not hurt anything.

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  • 4 years ago

    ^^ -- You are right, it wouldn't work. Unless you get a Y-Splitter, then split it to a connector that will convert it to an RCA cable, then take the RCA Cable (red/white cable) to your receiver (or your boombox) then usually just put the boombox on input. This will cost you all of about $15 to do. Yeah, it's called a Y-Splitter. You want to get one that has two bands on it, that way it's in Stereo instead of the Mono version. If you want the mono version it will only have one band on teh connector. They cost about $8 at your local wal-mart. Chad

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