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Does anyone know about parts for Rival Chocolate Fountains?

I have a Rival Chocolate Fountain and seem to have lost the little cap that goes at the top of the auger, where the chocolate actually comes out the top. I'm wondering 2 things. 1) how do i get a replacement 2) what would happen if i used the fountain without this piece. i've looked at the rival site and done some searching but to no avail. Any advice?

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    Funny because my Rival chocolate fountain does not have a top cap when it came from the store in its sealed box. The directions for use and assembly did not mention a top cap. Call Rival customer service at:


    c/o JCS/THG, LLC

    13120 Jurupa Avenue

    Fontana, CA 92337

    Telephone: 1-800-323-9519

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    Rival Chocolate Fountain Parts

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    Try Chocoley Just Melt It! It should fit every requirement you're looking for :). It doesn't need oil (I agree, that sounds disgusting), and it's the best chocolate out there for chocolate fountains... I entertain a lot and have had a Rival fountain since they first came out. I've tried all of the brands because I'm a chocolate snob, and Just Melt It blows them all out of the water! (It's also really good for just snacking on. It's realllllly good chocolate. Every time I get it for my little Rival I order an extra tub that I never melt... I just snack on the chips between parties. haha). They've got Milk, Dark, and White. All are really good. White can be fun for special events (holidays, etc) that have a color theme. You can get coloring oils (make sure they're formulated for chocolate or it will be a disaster) and change the color of your fountain. It's too fun! Can you tell I'm obsessed with this chocolate? Ha, I think I'm their biggest fan, although you can go to any site that sells fountains and has reviews and see that they have a pretty huge following... everyone is recommending them all over the net. ENJOY!

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    Use Ghiradelli - it melts wonderfully and it tastes amazing...

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