Wireless Router and Cable Modem?


I'm having issues trying to find out what kind of Connection I have with a Wireless Router and Cable Modem.

I've explained to other people about it and they said I have a router.

I did the "Start" . "Run" type cmd thing and it says Im using a Modem.

But I want to know if its Direct Modem or Cable.

Maybe I'm wrong, the connection could be router.

Sorry, Im new to the connection stuff =/

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  • 1 decade ago
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    you're technically on a LAN (local area network) with that type of setup. Sounds like to me your in the wrong connection settings. Your computer doesn't have to technically know where the internet comes from, but through what device on your PC it is coming from.

  • 1 decade ago

    Ok. Here's how it works:

    1. You have a box given to you from your internet service provider. That box can either be a:

    a. modem (connecting your house to your ISP's network)

    or a

    b. modem/router (connecting your house to your ISP's network as well as being able to connect your computers to it).

    2. Your service provider should have told you which one you have. Fortunately, you can kind of figure out what it is by simply looking at it.

    a. If the box has a bunch of RJ-45 connectors in the back (plugs that look like oversized phone plugs), it's a router.

    b1. If it only has 1 Coax plug (plug that looks like the plug on the back of your TV that the cable company plugs their cable into)

    or an

    b2. RJ-11 (plug that looks like a normal phone plug) as well as 1 RJ-45 plug (plug that looks like an oversized phone plug), you have a modem.

    2. Once you determin what device your service provider gave you, you can answer the question as to what kind of connection you have.

    I have a question. What spured this question? The reason why I ask is if it's a simple question of "Who's your internet service provider?" than the answer is simple. Who do you get a bill from? Also, who's asking? Is it a family member who's just curious or a person who called and asked? Just be careful who you give this information to as it can be used to access your network for malicious perposes. Take care.

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    1 decade ago

    Is there a wire connecting from your computer to the phone line/modem? if there is then its a cable connection.

    If not then its a wireless connection, the modem is built into the wireless router in most cases.

  • 1 decade ago

    if you do not use a cable to connect to the Internet, it is a wireless router. If you have a cable connected somewhere, trace the cable to the other end and if that device connects to your cable company, it is a Cable Modem. If that device connect to another device that has a cable on it, it is a router

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