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why are my hamsters feet turning black?

my hamster is abbout 2 years old now and her name is chessnut :). my family and i went on vacation for a week and when we got back my hamsters foot was black. we left it alone because my mom spent to much money saving my old guinea pig. So about 2 days later her front foor kinda rotted off. (yea i know sounds badd) Well then i look at her and her tail is now turning purple. the next day her tail fell off. Then 2 days later her last front foot got REALLLY puffy and this is when we took her to the vet. She has a rare condition called bumble foot. this is flesh eating bacteria caused by a dirty cage and a cut. we got her antibiotics and we will see what happens after 10 days. But you need to take them to the vet before the infection enters the bllood stream

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    Glad you know what's wrong because the last time I read of someone coming home and finding their hamster with black feet some put the poor guy in the microwave.

    Either experience is still horrific but at least yours wasn't out of complete neglect. I hope you learned now that you have to keep your cage clean!

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    Feet Turning Black

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    Take him to a vet immediately. Injuries to the feet can turn infectious inside, hence take professional help from a vet who can administer antibiotics for him to ensure the infection does not spread to the rest of his body. Stop using the hydrogen peroxide & neosphorin until you get a confirmation from the vet that you can use it. Remove all wood shavings from his cage and provide him with only soft untreated / unbleached toilet paper bedding for a few days until his feet heals. Remove the exercise wheel from his cage so that he does not run on it and make his feet injury even worse. Feed him some extra protein in the form of bits of hard boiled egg and cheese apart from his normal food. Add a few vitamin drops (available in all pet shops) in his water to augment his health during this time. Once the vet has prescribed medicines and bandaged his feet, keep him confined only to the ground floor of his cage so that he does not climb up and hurt himself more. You can exercise him in his hamster ball everyday to make up for the lack of the wheel in his cage. Hope he gets well soon!

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    bumble foot is not so rare.. :]

    annd you pretty much answered your own question.


    i hope your hamster gets better.. shes pretty old for a hamster tho..

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    omg poor hamster , i hope it gets better.

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