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Can a kitten die from stress?

I've had a six weeks old kitten. I gave him food, I played with him. But I've found a two inches long kitten and he stole my heart. Now he thinks I'm his Momma. My older cat first swiped him but then he was laying there. I had time with him alone but he just died laying on the floor. I gave him food, love, etc. Can it be from jealous? I'm very sad.


The older one died

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    Must have been a very young kitten. A kitten that age should be with its mom, getting milk. Did it have fur? Also, a swipe from a large kitten could of easily killed it. If you found it, it might have been lost or rejected from the mom, probably starving and dehydrated, and could've been sick.

    A number of those things could have led to its death.

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    where did you find a two inch kitten

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