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Shocked by British men's choice..what is WRONG WITH MEN IN EUROPE?

I'm a college student here in the U.S and this summer I did the "studying abroad" like most universities have. There were about 45 students this summer from the business school in my University.

I'm 23 years and I consider myself a good looking girl because I take care of myself. I do not look down on others or races. I'm obvious white, 115 pounds, 5"5" tall, 36 bust. In college i have a lot of guys going after me and my friends.


This summer the study abroad was in london. We were so excited about being in london and meeting good looking british guys. To our surprise, we found that european men preferred to go after black women. This was shocking and such an eye opener to me and my white girl friends.

We went to pubs, clubs, restaurants. lounges and some other fancy places. It was the same. They bought drinks for them. Thats not to say that white men did not hit on white girls just that seemed to be on equal grounds. Which is good but surprising because this does not usually happen in america.


our group of girls had 3 white girls and 2 African American girls. I'm not racist. Even in school this is our usual circle of friends. We travelled together in Europe and every where else.


Every time we went out, the british white guys would mostly be after the African American girls. My African American girls are also pretty. It's just that it shocked us the white American girls. We thought, we would be the first pick. I guess we are used to the white American guys not appraoching black girls, I thought it would be the same there.


I found that in europe a white girl is not the most wanted girl. I learned tthat white and black girls have equal chances when it comes to men there. We found that there are many white men and black women couples in the U.K as there are black men and white women couples. Unlike in the U.S where there much more blcak men and white women couples compared to white men and black women couples

By the time we went out for the 4th times, we the white girls knew it was fair game for the men for both black and white girls.

I WAS HURT NOT because I'm white but because there were some guy there that i would have liked to have spent some time with but instead they chose to get to know an African America girl. I would have felt the same way had they chosen an other white girl over me


Not all but from what we experienced we learned that european men view women of all races in the same way or view black women in better light than white american men. This happened when we went to France, Ireland, Scotland, Switerland, Italy and Germany.

Bare in mind that there are a lot black british people in the U.K. I have lived with black people for as long as we have.

I had a good time though. I learned a lot about other people and culture.


Why is it different here. In america, i'm a 100% certain that if I were to walk in a place with only white men and I walked in with some African American girls that a white man would appraoch a black woman at least not in public or in front of a white girl.

What makes a white american man different from a white european man?


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    They don't get any more English than me. I'm an English man living in london and there is truth to your statement.

    You still have white people that will not date black people and you still have black people that will not date white people.

    From what I have heard from my american friends, yes we british men go for what attracts us, it does not matter if the girl is green, red, black or white. If I like what I see i go for her. Her race does not cross my mind. I have dated both white and black women so have most of the english men I know.

    Yes in the U.K I pretty much much say it's fair game.

    I don't know about you over there. A woman is a woman PERIOD.

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      You, Sir, don't know what you are missing...

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    Shocked by British men's choice..what is WRONG WITH MEN IN EUROPE?

    I'm a college student here in the U.S and this summer I did the "studying abroad" like most universities have. There were about 45 students this summer from the business school in my University.

    I'm 23 years and I consider myself a good looking girl because I take care of myself. I do not look...

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    Black British Men

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    I'm black and this is so true when I use to work NYC store there will be alot of white European men at the store. There were soooooooo nice to me unlike white American men. I never quite understood it but now it makes sense. Although as an African I do remember white men from Europe like black African women alot.

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    First of all, I am an African American Woman. Get your facts straight. I have been approached by American White men, Arabic, etc. It is all about confidence baby girl. As someone stated you might have appeared too needy, or might have appeared low self-esteem. When it comes to competition of another race, you might be competing against the Asian, the middle-eastern women. It is not just white vs blacks anymore. There are more than one race.

    Get yourself together.

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    Wow! That was funny. So, because you have white skin, white men should approach only you and not your African American friends. Who lied to you about being superior to blacks? You probably not even attractive. Stop with the jealousy, hate and racism. Beautiful women comes in all colors, shape and sizes. By the way, there are more and more black women/ white men couples.

    • I think she honestly wants to know why.that's why we don't have honest convos between different races.especially white/black because someone will get sensitive.there are A LOT of views in this world and she just wants to know their perspective.she said a few things to let us know she is NOT racist

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    In England it has nothing to do with race and everything to do with preference, i know loads of guys who prefer white girls and vice versa. We dont have racial segregation, the white people dont just date white the Indians dont just date Indian. I mean when i was at school probebly 50 present of my school was black or white and the other 50% were Indian/Pakistani and Muslim%. so the uk is a very different place compared to the us.

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    I'm a black woman. I appreciate your honesty and insight, I'm just a little ticked off at all these idiotic comments people are leaving. You stated your open honest opinion and your seeking feedback and honestly I would like to know the answer to the question you put up to! Will someone with some real insight give open and honest feedback instead of jumping on the girl man grow up!

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