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Do you HAVE to be a White guy in order to live this type of a life?

I have heard about the type of life some White guys live in which they get to have girlfriends of different backgrounds, they get to sleep with different girls of different ethnicities and stuff. As a young Indian (India) kid in the US, I am wondering, can I live that same kind of life or can only a White guy live that life?

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    I'm not a racist at all, so I think you have a chance. It's really fair game for anyone these days. The only one stopping you from getting the life you dream of is you.

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    Here is the REAL answer. Not even all white guys have that life. For a guy to be a sort of popular with many good looking and smart women of different races, they either have to have a lot of money, a lot of charisma, or be super good looking. I think a lighter Indian man who works out, stays clean, and is fastidious in dress has as good of a chance as anyone. It takes being nice and respectful too, and do not go with more than one girl at a time. Date someone for at least a month or so before breaking up. And when you do find the girl you love....stay with her.

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    Ill admit, indian guys are ugly SOMETIMES. especially the ones who come from india to america. The indian kids born in america, and raised as an american are hot. (Like sav bandari on Degrassi? I think he is cute, hes canadian. Also Navid, from the new 90210, is cute.)

    If you treat a girl like a princess, with kindness, equality, and love her no matter what, im sure you could get any girl. If you're a jack@$$ then no, you wont be dating anybody.

  • Only the white guy can have the happy ending!

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  • 8 years ago

    Never will be near an Indian guy because they are ugly. Sorry.

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    Indians are already known for not being able to marry girls of other race so why would they date you?

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    Sorry, but as a university student, I only dated white guys and would not consider dating an east Indian. It's the culture. White guys treat girls very well when Indians are controlling, possessive, and treat girls like lower castes or property. White guys treat us like equals. We have fun.

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    race does not matter anybody can this life its not the race its the mind set

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    8 years ago

    White guys are hot.

    They are great lovers too.

  • 8 years ago

    any guy can my black friend ***** anything tht moves.....then my latino friend likes to **** black and asian yeah u cn do it

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