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    The skill that is needed the most is LISTENING.

    It is more than hearing the words and checking off a list of symptoms. It is hearing them in the order they bother the person, how the affect the person and other things not said but alluded-to. You also need this listening skill in college to ascertain what is important to the professor.

    The next would be PATIENCE. Knowing that you are not the world's best doctor, yet. And, letting those that are not that great teach you what they do know so you can surpass them ( I hope that those I teach will be greater than me.).

    HUMILITY is part of patience that is left out of too many schools yet.

    SELF-CONTROL is always in demand, being able to put off what you want right now in order to study a little bit more in order to not just get a better grade but to better implant that information in the brain for the future.

    READING COMPREHENSION is an absolute must. The volume of reading is insurmountable without a GREAT reading comprehension.

    These are the skills that I value most.

    The others can be taught to even ROCKS.

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    Top of the list would be a medical degree - that pretty much encompasses all of the skills you need.

    However, to do a medical degree you need to be empathic, non-judgemental, a team worker, have a VERY good memory, good communication/ people skills, to know your own limitations and an ability to deal with difficult concepts, situations and a pretty strong constitution - just to name a few...

    Source(s): I'm doing a medical degree
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