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Anonymous asked in SportsWrestling · 10 years ago

SmackDown! Episode 21 (Rate the Show)?

Episode 20:;_ylt=AvGR6...

Video: Batista on SmackDown! last week destroying JBL and his Cabinet along with The Big Show


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Tazz and Michael Cole at rinside tonight:

- TOURNAMENT MATCH: Booker T vs. Eddie Guerrero

- TOURNAMENT MATCH: United States Champion John Cena vs. Orlando Jordan

- TOURNAMENT MATCH: The Undertaker vs. Rene Dupree

- TOURNAMENT MATCH: Kurt Angle vs. Rey Mysterio


Booker T defeated. Eddie Guerrero to advance to the next round: 12:35

General Manager Teddy Long rips Carlito Caribbean Cool's petition and then declares that if Carlito starts giving him this attitude then Carlito will end up being fired from SmackDown!


United States Champion John Cena defeated. Orlando Jordan: 6:24 to advance to the next round. Starting next week:

Kurt Angle tells "Mark Jindrak and Luther Reigns that he dosn't want to end up Facing the Undertaker in the semi finals" so they discuss a plan.


The Undertaker vs. Rene Dupree: No Contest: 3:55

Thanks to Mark Jindrak and Luther Reigns costing the Undertaker his chance at the WWE Championship. No winner so the winner of Mysterio and Angle goes to the Final at No Way Out.

Josh Matthews has a confirmed condition of Rob Van Dam, Van Dam will miss about 12 months on the sidelines. Then the New WWE Tag Team Champions the Basham Brothers say "Hope you get better Rob" (sarcastically)


Kurt Angle defeated. Rey Mysterio via Submission: 14:56

Angle won after he made Mysterio tap to the Ankle Lock. And now Next week we know the match up that will send either Booker T or John Cena the US Champ to No Way Out.

Big Show talking with Joy Giovanni, Show gets interuppted by "Chief of Staff" Orlando Jordan whom says "Don't mess with us"

WWE Champion JBL comes out and says "In a week's time at NO WAY OUT!, I will defeat the Big Show and I Will show why I am the greatest WWE Champion of All Time, and Batista you not in my league!"

Then Big Show comes out and delivers a thunderous Chokeslam to the Champion.


Best/Worst Match and Night

TV Rating: (Using Decimal Number)

3 Answers

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    Rating 9/10

    Best Match: Kurt Angle vs Rey Mysterio

    Worst Match: Undertaker vs Rene Dupree.

    TV Rating: 4.0

    Source(s): Gage has spoken.
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  • 10 years ago


    Best Match-Booker T vs Eddie Guerrero

    Worst match-John cena vs Rene dupree

    T-V rating:3.9

    Great show

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  • 3 years ago

    01) I consider you on first tournament. 02) Slater could desire to pin McIntyre after a leaping Neckbreaker Drop. 03) DH Smith could desire to pin Mark Briscoe after a Vertical Suplex. 04) JTG could desire to pin Cara after a Shout Out. 05) Black could desire to faucet out of Punk's Anaconda Vice.

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