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How can I improve the way I play basketball when I play with others?

I'm a fairly good basketball player, and I have very good shots, but when I play with others, I get extremely tense, and I end up playing all sluggish and I often embarrass my self. I think that is because most times I practice alone, and I am not used to the pressure of playing with others. If I could get over this difficulty, I feel I would make a great basketball player out of myself, but I need you guys to explain to me how to learn to play with others. It's not like I'm a bad teammate or anything, but I get very tense when playing with others and most of my passes get tipped, or most of my shots are not shot properly and generally I play sluggish. I don't think it would be possible to play with others more often, as nobody wants to play with me, I only play with others when I'm with some friend and the others play us just because I'm with that friend, when I'm alone they don't even bother. I thought of imagining that others are playing against me and stuff like that, but I don't know if this will help. Give me your advice please!

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    Hoop Every Damn Day, Just do it. =]

    Dont be afraid to play aggressive, the more aggressive you are people will know you came to play and will be intimidated.

    If you play weak, they will see you as weak,

    if you play tough, they will see you as tough.

    shoot the ball when you feel like you can take the shot.

    always give it 100% when you play.

    Practice makes perfect.

    Practicing with a buddy is good.

    if your by yourself just work on the jump shots and layups.

    visualized what you want to do in a real game =]

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    Try being aggressive on the boards, so if you get a rebound you can get an easy layup. Do this a few times and your teammates will start to see that your a pretty good player, THEN you can start making shots. Trust me, once you see the ball going in the net your confidence will go up.

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    The best method to get larger is to preserve doing the matters you're doing; train and play in video games. There relatively is not any handy means round it. A couple of months is not virtually ample time to broaden any type of actual in-sport ability. Just ask any one who's well, and they are going to let you know it took them years to come to be the gamers they're. So simply play and train up to you'll among now and your closing date, and supply it your quality shot. Whether you consider you performed well or unhealthy, a minimum of you probably did try to gave your all. You are doing not anything improper besides anticipating speedy outcome. Good good fortune, bball is a exceptional game to get into!

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    sounds like ur forgetting how to have fun man its just basketball don't worry about doing good just have fun remember to breath man make the good reads use ur vision to ur advantage if u see a where a man is gonna get open look for the pass u can give him, just have fun then you'll forget to do good and 'accidnetly' do good

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    I need help with this too. Sorry I can't help.

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