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Is it healthy or normal?

I'm in the mid 30 yrs old. I feel exhausted and lost my desire for sex for the couple of days after ejaculation. Regardless the ejaculation is from sex or masturbation. Is that normal? When I was younger, I never feel this way.

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    HHMMM.....sounds like you may be under alot of stress/tension. That's a tough one. I would suggest seing a urologist.

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    I'm 34, almost 35...and my desire for sex is about 10% of what it was 10 yrs ago...I would rather sleep at night than have sex....After ejaculation is the confusing part....I think our libido just goes way down when we hit mid 30's....we are a long way past our sexual peak and sex just isn't as important any more....

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    Yeah it's normal to loose the crave, unless you're addicted to sex.

  • 1 decade ago

    not really normal, you need to be more relax and stress-free.

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