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Tips on how to impress a girl?

I've looked Online and stuff and can't find a answer , I'm 15 and want to know how To impress girls ?

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    The thing that always impresses me is when a guy looks right into my eyes when I'm talking and smiles! :D Also, show a humorous side, girls love it when a guy is funny! Good luck! ;D

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    Athletic, good sense of humor, relaxed, mature, outgoing, protective is occasionally cute, and just plain boyish. Over all, girls like a guy that is not very feminine. I see a lot of movies that show the girls as liking a girly guy with a feminine side, and a guy that is not afraid to cry. Not true. (I'm not saying that you should transform yourself into a heartless person, just don't be so feminine....a lot of girls like that bad-boy type.) Also you must be a gentleman, open doors for girls, and stuff like that. Don't be too clingy onto girls....just be a relaxed person. Also, loyalty to your guy-friends, respectfulness to your parents and elders, and kindness to those around you. But mainly, just overall a manly or boyish guy. Occasional teasing is cool, too....just not too much.

    When I was new to school, I was very shy and quiet. Eventually, one of the boys in the class started teasing me by calling me Mute since I didn't talk a lot....he always smiled and sometimes winked when he said it. I pretended like I didn't like it, but I thought it was kind of funny :) Just something like that...but not over the top.

    It's not very hard to find out what a girl likes....just look at a twilight book. That is a girl's dream guy (for most girls). Honestly, I bought that twilight book once and I read a few chapters of it, since my friends suggested it to me. It's TERRIBLE. I set that book aside, and since then never picked it up. There are so many grammatical errors and corny lines and I have no idea what girls like about it, but oh well :) I prefer something less lovey-dovey hehe :P

    Also, it's not true that girls go only on looks..... honestly, a lot of the girls I know just like and try to look cute in front of any guy, literally. So don't be too stressed out on this kind of stuff. Just try not to be so more outgoing and stuff.

    I hope this helps!....and good luck!

    -Julia <3 <3 <3

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    Daw, whether the girl finds you attractive or not, we dig the attention. So smile at her, not creepily, but just kind of like of hey. If you know her talk to her, and maybe make a funny remark, bc as said in another answer humour is always good.

    Maybe when she's around, do something noticable. Like answering a quetion in class, running a bit faster, talkig a bit louder, but whatever it is, make sure you look good and sound smart

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    Find out what those girls look for in a guy. If a girl likes the athletic type, maybe show off your athleticism or muscles in front of her, or ask her if she's coming to the sports game.

    If she likes smart guys, ask if she needs help in a certain subject or if she's not understanding what your learning offer to help her after school! Hope this helped!

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    Guys think being a rude douchebag impresses girls NO! It doesn't it's so annoying so please don't get sucked into that please

    Impress us by talking about our passions and how you can relate to us I love soccer so

    If the girl you liked loved soccer talk about that . Be a gentleman open door and

    Give lots of

    Hugs but also be

    Misterious and playfull and teasing

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    hi sam. im 14. and i do know that impressing sometime is important, but you dont want to go too far. The number 1 thing is to be yourself, because people sometimes have a habit of being someone else when they are trying to impress. if you dont be yourself then who ever the girl is you want to impress will be liking the person you are trying to be instead of liking the person you are. also, dont push the issue to hard. when the time comes you will find someone.Thats pretty much all to it. GOOD LUCK! ;)

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    Be confident but not conceded.

    DON'T flirt with other girls..

    Smile! A lot! ( huge turn on )

    Pay attention to her and act like you care about what's he's saying..

    Use cologne!! ( even bigger turn on! Guys who smell good are Always one step ahead!)

    Show her you care about her.

    Brush across her hand or put her hair behind her ears..

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    show your considerate side. Any decent girl likes a guy with a good heart. Show that and be attentive to her needs but not too attentive.

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    Just be considerate, and don't try to act all cool. It's the hottest thing ever when guys are just honest and nice.

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    Girls love a conciderate guy who loves them. How to impress them kinda depends on what the girl likes.

    Now answer on of mine please

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