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Can dogs who have been fixed masturbate?

I have a 3 1/2 year old Pomeranian-Lhasa Apso who we've had fixed before he was a year old. However over the past few days, after he got a hair cut, he has been licking his crotch. At first we all thought he was just sore and itchy, but I caught him with a *****. I scolded him and he promptly stopped. But I want to know if he was masturbating, and ways that we can prevent it? Because it is disgusting.

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    Your dog was not masterbating...He was cleaning himself. And he had a erection because he was relaxed and happy. It is very common for them to get one just sitting there. There is no way to prevent it nor would i recommend preventing it. He was just being a dog. Make sure there is not a rash down there though, if you just got him groomed than he could have rash because of the razor or whatever in his sensitive areas, That could make him lick obsessively, which will just make it worse.

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    He isn't masturbating. Its a dogs way of cleaning himself, you shouldn't be punishing him for that, but because people do it doesn't mean dogs do it.

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