Do you think he's lost all respect for me?

I like this guy a lot. I've known him for 3 years, we met online. When we were first getting to know each other we went on real dates and hung out as friends, but I knew he always wanted to get in my pants. He told me after our first date that he wanted to have sex with me. I was 18 and not ready. He was 22. Now 3 years later I feel ready so I told him I want to do things with him. We met up and fooled around, but didn't have sex. I want to go on real dates with him though and really get to know him again, not just fool around. I feel like he's not going to respect me anymore. I feel like maybe he never did even though when I first knew him I was a lady. Idk what to do. I want his respect and I want him to like me the way I like him. What do I do? btw, I'm now 21, he's 25 and according to his new online dating profile if it turns serious that's ok. But I'm the one who always texts him to make plans. He doesn't text me first. I'm so confused. Help!

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  • 7 years ago
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    While i dont think hes lost respect for you, I'd have to say he's no longer interested. He may just see you as a "back up." I've been one of those, its not great. I suggest moving past him... just start to mingle, make new friends..

  • 7 years ago

    ok, im going to try to be as most honest as i can. it seems you are more interested in him than he is. One of the reasons why he is not as interested is because he knows you already and knows your hard to get, specifically in your pants. Something else i would tell you is why dont you share your feelings and thoughts with him if you guys talk so much, see what he says and if it doesnt feel right, its very simple, just move on.

  • 7 years ago

    I'm sorry but it sounds like he's only interested in being friends with benefits :( find someone else

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