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What are some simple steps or creative ideas that people can take at home and work to combat global warming?

Global warming is not only one of the most threatening environmental problems, but one of the greatest challenges facing all of humanity. Danger signs are surfacing worldwide as temperatures increase (the last ten years have been the hottest years ever recorded causing glaciers and the polar ice caps to melt, coastal areas to flood and storms to become more severe). If left unchecked, global warming will continue to have a profound impact on our planet that will eventually cause catastrophic results. Fortunately, there are things each of us can do. Buildings -- including our homes -- are major contributors to greenhouse gases they’re responsible for up to 40% of all energy and resource use and approximately 1/3 of greenhouse gas emissions that cause global warming.


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    There are many little things we can do that will collectively make a substantial impact to combating global warming. At the home, if we keep appliances or electronics that is not used unplugged, we will be saving electricity. Switching out lightbulbs for the energy efficient ones definitely help. Replacing old appliances for energystar ones will make a great impact. More drastic changes like switching from electric to propane wherever possible, or installing solar panels on the roof, would help even more. At work, we have motion detection lights after hours so that we don't waste energy. As well, the HVAC system is powered down in non-critical areas during the weekends and holidays to conserve.

    On the macro-scale as a society, we need to invest more in alternative energy sources such as:

    - wind and solar energy generation

    - improved battery technologies, which will lead to new applications for batteries

    (Case in point: The Saturn EV-1 was originally supposed to use new battery technology that would have given it a range of 300-400 mi/charge, but GM did not invest in battery technology between the concept car (Impact) and the production of EV-1. Can you imagine how many of us would be driving EV-1 or other electric vehicles now had they made the early investment?)

    - alternative fuel for aircrafts, which is a great source of greenhouse gas emissions as well

    Source(s): I studied aerospace engineering because I wanted to develop vehicles that would be more efficient and more eco-friendly.
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    The most important ways that the people can combat global warming is getting rid of their older model cars (1979 Buick) because, older cars emmitt more toxic fumes into the air. Its obvious that the more technological advanced a car is, the less harmful gases it emmitts. A car that was built 3 or 4 years ago will be more economy friendly than a car that was assembled 35 years ago.

    For high populated cities such as New York, Bus and Taxi companys should replace current vehicles with cars that are powered by hydrogen or electricity. Just think, if every major city used the Toyota Prius as taxi's, there would be a decreased level of pollution, and also taxi fares could be drastically lower as well.

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    I, like many others who have answered do what I can. I recycle what is recycable (including plastic bags and aluminum cans),I have the energy efficent bulbs in my lamps and recently at my house we switched to a HE washer and dryer. They use less water and elecrticity. They also require less detergent. I don't leave lights on when I'm not in the room and try not to use the AC too much (even though I live in sunny South Florida). There are a few ways I think we can combat Global Warming.

    1. Stop building new, I keep seeing these empty store fronts, gas stations, or whatever that are left vacant while multimillion dollar stores cut down previously protected land to have a brand new store.

    2. Make hybrid and elecrtic cars more affordable for the common person. (This includes the E85 which they keep hiding from us)

    3. Of course, with the E85 that would mean we would have to pay the American farmers to grow produce.

    4. Planting the right type of trees in the right area. (No shallow root trees in Hurricane areas, they cause problems)

    5. Find a way to pack meat without using styrofoam

    Now as a response to those who said I am only one person, it doesn't matter, you do matter. Think of you doing something (even if you think it is small) as the beginning of a positive domino effect.

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    I think that the best thing we can do is to write to the US Ambassador to the United Nations and ask when the other nations of the world are going to do their share to help prevent global warming.

    Even though the US has more cars and trucks on the road than we did 25 years ago, our overall production of green house effect gasses is down by 80%.

    Even with these advances, as Americans we are expected to do more, like stop using gasoline powered lawn mowers, less outdoor grilling, and limited use of recreational vehicles. This, while other nations continue the uncontrolled and unfiltered use of fossil fuels.

    It's time to stop seeing the United States as the "bad guy" all of the time, and for other nations like China, India, Mexico, Indonesia and Russia to work as hard as we have in reducing greenhouse emissions.

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    The vast temperature shift being seen this year in much of the US and Canada is being attributed entirely to global warming, however, this is unlikely the case. There is no way that global warming could have such a profound effect in comparison to last year.

    This is not to say that global warming is not a problem. It definitely is a big issue that must be dealt with for the planet's future. As a big source of global warming is due to carbon dioxide production the planting of trees which convert this gas to oxygen is definitely a good option. Ideally, halting the use of fossil fuels and other polluting sources of energy would solve or at least ease the problem, however, this solution is unrealistic. Conscious efforts to reduce wasteful energy expenditure are key to at least slowing the problem. Carpooling, biking and public transportation represent good starts. A move towards nuclear power seems inevitable but will eventually leave us with the problem of disposing the nuclear waste.

    As for the emissions created from farmed cattle, this is something that isn't exactly removable because we aren't about to go slaughter however many bovines roam our planet.

    If every person does just a little bit to improve their environmental friendliness, through recyclying or conserving energy, as a collective this will be a significant step towards improving our world.

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    Hi Leo,

    Not so simple but: Require that for every square foot of urban sprawl, an equal or greater amount of 'natural' space be created. If you build a building, then the entire rooftop would be a haven for local area plants. Balconies could be created to multiply the effect. Watered with recycled water. The details would have to be worked out, but some kind of environmental credit can be used to push developers to include this scheme into their planning.

    Simple: Replace your lightsources with LED or Florescent. Find out if your dishwasher uses more water than hand-washing, and use the best method. Insulate your house more, if you live in temparate or extreme climates, use bubble wrap on your windows in the wintertime (do a Yahoo search for this). Drive less, Bike more, Walk more, use public transportion. Instead of cooling off you whole house in the summer, just make one 'cold room' and retire there when you feel too hot. Plant a tree. Plant specific trees that are good for the air quality. Buy plots of rainforest so that they cannot be developed. Take good care of yourself.

    Blake says hi.

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  • randkl
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    Your question is so laughably biased and based in bullsh*t, it's pathetic.

    "the last ten years have been the hottest years ever recorded"

    How long do you reckon mankind's been keeping accurate records of global temps? Forty years? As to the "last ten years", only four of those years even ranks in the top ten. 1864 was so hot, Civil War battles were called off due to the heat.

    "causing glaciers and the polar ice caps to melt "

    Greenland was green before the Little IceAge. Most of those glaciers weren't there before that.

    "coastal areas to flood and storms to become more severe"

    Coastal flooding? Seeing as how the oceans haven't risen a single fraction of an inch, how do you suppose the coasts are getting flooded? Catsup? As to "storms more severe", you mean like this last hurricane season?


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    You are absolutely right. This is a real issue that many want to ignore or put off on the next generation. The fact that many governments around the world recognize the problem but do little if nothing at all to remedy the situation is disturbing to say the least. The United States government being one of the biggest obstacles. My answers may seem easy to say, but if a real change in not only policy but the way humanity lives as a whole could occur, then real appreciable improvement in our environment can happen. Until we discover or terraform another inhabitable planet, [most likely 150-200 years from now at best] this is the only place we have. I will begin with 3 major things, then get to the simpler things.

    1. A worldwide organization such as the UN should mandate that all countries observe a non-threatening environmental policy. Again, easier said than done I realize, especially since the US would have to be a major proponent, but maybe it could be a reduction of 10 or 15% of current global greenhouse gases for instance.

    2. The technology exists today to make all internal combustion engines of automobiles out of hybrids. This is a good start, however completely getting rid of fuel combustion engines has the main obstacle of Greed. Try to convince the powers that be of say, OPEC, that their pockets will be reduced by 50% and see what happens. They would not be too happy. Hence, an alternative clean fuel must be found. Hydrogen fuel engines perhaps??

    3. Smart Infrastructure. Creating a smarter mass transportation system throughout the country such that the average person would actually use it. Yes, a lot of money involved but how much do we squander on useless things such as wars etc.

    4. Obviously at home the first thing that comes to mind is: USE LESS. We, especially in the US, take forgranted that we have an abundance of power where countries like the Phillipines have blackouts constantly. We need to stop being power hogs and learn to sacrifice more. Turn off all your lights when not using them. In the summer, its great to have AC but reduce it a bit, sweat a bit...hell we could all stand to lose a little weight.

    5. Plant an evergreen tree in your yard if possible. The exchange of carbon dioxide and oxygen will help.

    6. Though we all love the independence our cars give us, once a week or maybe more use mass transportation.

    7. At work, actually turn your computer off. Many people leave their computers on when they go home. That energy is coming from somewhere and that somewhere is pumping poison into our lives.

    No matter what we do, it will take time to reverse the environmental effects that mankind has inflicted. However, if we do not start now, one day there may not be a mankind.

    Source(s): My opinion.
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    First off, You gave a wonderful intense performance as Mr Hughes!

    As to global warming, we are at the crossroands and must do something radical soon!

    We as little people must start riding bicycles as they did once in China and they should do again! "The world is taking our bad example of life in cars! Use low wattage everything in the home, walk as much as possible, eat more raw foods and save cooking energy! Most important though now in this dagerous time, the wealthy of this country and the world must find a better means of energy than fossil fuels! Wind, wave, solar and even some newer energy sources are possible and we need them yesterday! If we were to boycott the oil companies for a week things would change fast! LOL! A dictator is not the answer and if if it comes to that we are in more trouble than global warming!

    On another note why do we need more than one family car/vehicle?? As I was growing up that's all we had to share. I have a van and love the versitility of an RV, storage and changing room all in one! The next one I get will have a much smaller engine and maybe more power from a mutivalve engine that gets 25-35 mpg. I wish it would be electric and or solar powered! I ride a mountain bike 10-15 miles 5 days a week and trips to the corner grocery alot! Me at 60 years of age, ya'll can do it too!

    We all must do something soon! We can't wait to long and procrastinate. Please Mr wealthy man and scientist save this planet! Give us all another source of clean fuel!

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    I answered this question about 2 years ago when I sent a letter to the president. The first was to provide a $ 2000 for the change out of central NG furnaces(or any furnaces) when inceasing efficiency from the minimum 80% to 90+% condensing furnaces manufactured in the US(North america). This idea was put into the 2005 tax bill except for the manufacturers location. The reason was that I live in a 1957 home and every 20-25 years the furnace needs to be changed. The last time that it was changed the standards were about 50%, so when I upgraded to my 94% unit, I cut my NG usage in half. A new furnace would have been a lot less, if I went with the base unit at 80%. The tax break would eliminate the cost difference and allow everybody to choose the 94% furnace. The north american manufacture clause would just keep jobs in North america because our manufacturing base need that.

    I also recommended that there be an increased tax credit for Hybrid cars and increase from 2K to 4K because of the difference in cost vs conventional ICE car. The 2005 tax bill went one step further and gave a tax credit for the which reduces the car cost much further.

    On the other side, I suggested that there be a $1500 tax penalty for SUV's which would be used to fund the hybrid credit above but that would only be applied to personal SUV's, because I am pro business and if someone needs the SUV to run his business, then he should get it to keep the jobs local.

    Today, I would also add, a $3 base for regular Gas price, a tax fills the gap between supply cost and $3 to reduce consumption and to promote alternatives which can only be productive if there is a floor on price.

    I would also add a Grid tied solar acceptablility clause to the energy bill. When do we need much more electricity? When it is hot an sunny in the North East. So why not force the Electricity supplier to take solar power from all grid tied systems if they meet the national electric code. This is not done today and they( the companies) can keep you from supplying power back to the grid, indefinately. By doing this, we can make President clintons 1 million solar roofs concept a reality. I know it is now 10 years lator, but why not complete the program and give me the ability to turn my house, and all of my neighbors into Carbon neutral houses. If we did this, we would not have to build or replace hundreds of power plants across the US becuse the load would only be needed at night.

    Have a good day,


    Source(s): My letter to President Bush 24 Jan 2005. Home power magazine. "Grid tie solar vs california power." New england solar electric(website or catalog) Web site"million solar roofs campaign.
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  • Pfo
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    I think this is a problem for scientists, not celebrities, and that Leo should stop trying to draw young impressionable teenage girls into following his cause. The Earth has undergone tremendous environmental changes throughout history, way before the industrial revolution, way before humans had a chance to impact it. Many people might be surprised to know that the amount of CO2 a volcano releases when it erupts dwarfs yearly CO2 output of everything else on the planet: vehicles, factories and humans. Conclusive evidence of the ocean or the earth warming does not exist, although I would like to see more study performed in this area before people start complaining that the sky is falling.

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