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What are the top ten most expensive gems?

Such as diamond, emerald, opal, jade, ruby, sapphire, amethyst, peridot, pearl, topaz, garnet, etc?

Just curiosity.

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    Except for Diamond, which is expensive because of tight controls over its supply and heavy marketing to drive up demand, the prices of most other gemstones vary based on their rarity (availability), origin, size, shape, cut, color, clarity and so on.

    In fine qualities (and all things equal), these gemstones are generally the ones that command top dollar:

    * Diamond (especially D-Flawless in large sizes and fancy colored Diamonds)

    * Ruby (especially Burmese & Stars)

    * Sapphire (including Padparadschas & Stars)

    * Emerald (especially Colombian)

    * Jade (especially Burmese)

    * Pearl (especially Natural Pearl & South Sea Cultured Pearls)

    * Alexandrite (especially Russian & Cat's Eyes)

    * Paraiba Tourmaline

    * Chrysoberyl Cat's Eyes

    * Opals

    * Tsavorite

    * Red Spinel

    * Demantoid Garnet

    [I've listed more than 10 as prices to overlap depending on quality and size]

    Source(s): I LOVE gems and am a gemologist
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  • H.L.A.
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    Alexandrite, Tanzanite (both rarely found and mines are getting fewer and fewer), then Diamonds, natural salt water pearls, most pearls we have now are made in pearl farms, the rest of the gems go down from there.

    If you want to go on and on about why diamonds aren't that great, it's because you can make synthetic diamonds that are actually better in quality and clarity than genuine diamonds. Alexandrite and Tanzanite can't be perfectly reproduced (as far as he knows).

    Source(s): Husband is a jeweler.
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  • 1 decade ago

    I would think a diamond since it is more of importance for special occasions, like a wedding ring and such

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