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What kind of questions are asked in the polygraph test when applying to be a cop?

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  • NC
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    1 decade ago
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    There is only one kind of question that is asked during a polygraph test: a true-or-false question. You are expected to answer only yes or know.

    Usually, a polygraph test starts with some calibrating questions to which interviewers know the answers (such as "is your name John Doe?" or "were you born on May 15, 1985?"). The purpose of those questions is to record your relaxed responses. Then, most questions are still completely toothless (say, "did you attend Lincoln High School?" or "are you currently married?"), but there are a few that are loaded ("have you ever taken illegal drugs?", "have you ever owed money to a bookie?", "have you ever had sex with a prostitute?", "have you ever committed a crime?") These are ones for which the interviewers want truthful answers...

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  • 1 decade ago

    NC is very wise. Only one more thing: I have not been tested, but I'm told they ask certain questions where you are expected to lie, and the machine will read that you are lying. They don't care about those though. Those questions are in there just to make sure they can see when you are lying or not.

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