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Im a 15 year old in 10th grade and i want to get pregnant :'( please help!?

For some reason i just want a baby! Idk why?! :( I went through depression and i feel like no one cares much about me but i know a baby wont help. I love children! But i know sex before marriage is wrong and i come from a christian family. Im not even aloud to date till im 16 so i don't even have someone i like! Can you please pray for me and help me out? And please no rude comments i just need help. Im in a really hard situation right now and i need all the help i can get. Anyway thanks.

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    Your 15 and in 10th grade, and you want a baby. But you dont know why.

    Well, i am 15 also, in 10th grade. And im 7 1/2 months pregnant.

    You don't need to try to have a baby, believe me.

    Pregnancy isn't easy, its hard, painful, and demanding.

    You can't eat whatever you want, because if the baby gets too big the baby can't go down your birthing canal.

    You can't do sports, or go tubing, or ride the rides at an amusement park or fair.

    People stare, and call you a slut. Even if your still dating the guy you lost your virginity to, and he's the dad and you've been together for a year and a half.

    They don't know that, all they see is a pregnant KID. To them, that's all you are. Is a little whore who probably opened her legs to every guy who walked by. They don't care that you may be ahead academically to everyone your age, or that you have a strong head on your shoulders.

    You get judged, you lose friends, your relationships with family, friends, and everyone changes.

    Your back hurts, your feet swell. You can't wear your old clothes.

    You get ugly stretch marks all over your thighs, and stomach and *** and even your boobs.

    Fortunately for me though, i don't have them on my stomach. (Thanks to cocoa butter lotion.)

    You walk through the halls at school, and everyone stops just to stare at you.

    I was on birth control, and he used condoms every time. But because i was sick and on antibiotics, they countered my birth control and i wasn't aware of it. And that's how i got pregnant.

    But you, you want to purposely get pregnant. That's not very smart. You are already going through a hard situation, being pregnant will just make it worse. And not very many teenage pregnancies have the father still involved. I'm one of the lucky few, for now. He could still walk out.

    I'm not saying that i don't want my daughter. Because ever since the first time i heard her heartbeat, and felt her kick. I knew i loved her. I would never be able to give her up now..

    But it's not a lifestyle you should choose.

    From the sound of it though, your not going to go out and have sex, because you sound smart..

    You know that a baby won't help, and that you shouldn't do it.

    The want may be there, but try your best to ignore it.

    Try some depression classes, or maybe join a club with your school or something..

    if you surround yourself with people you care about that can help..

    It sound like you jus wanna belong..

    Good luck, and don't do anything you might regret later.

    No one should judge you for your question, because you clearly state you know that a baby won't help, and that you don't believe in sex before marriage.

    So i hope all works out for you.

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    You sound like a stubborn person by the way you type.You want a baby but you don't know why?

    Pftt.What a pity.Raising a child at that age is a pain.You should read articles on how teenage moms

    handle their children.A 15 year old like you wouldn't want to go through the pain of getting a child

    out of your stomach so soon.I suggest you focus on your studies,that way...not only you will lead a

    good life for yourself and your family,but your baby too.Raising a child may cost you your studies.You

    will have to stay up most nights and have to take care of the crying baby,the next day you will need

    more sleep because of the baby and might miss school.Your family members may not take care of your baby for free...Don't get pregnant so early.There's still more time!

    Here's some articles to read about previous teenage moms:

    Think about things...before you make the wrong decision and make life worse.

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    Pregnancy really isn't the way to go. If you're unstable right now, how could you manage to hold yourself together along with raising a child? A child is in no way a means to escape problems or to have someone automatically love you. You have friends and family there for you who will love you just as much, if not more. You can't find happiness in a partner without being happy with yourself first, so finding a 'husband' or even just dating around won't solve anything either.

    I know it's a hard situation, just stay strong and confide in your family, friends, and faith.... don't fall into the romanticized thoughts of having a child, a lover, or any of those yet

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    U know there's lots of single young moms out there that could use a fr4iend. why don't you offer to help out single moms at low or reduced cost. (u know help babysit etc.) you could make friends that way and also see the reality of being a mom.

    I am single mom of two kids. I love it but I work 7 days a week, and am constantly thanking God for my mundane steady job so that my kids don't have to go without.

    The hardest thing is knowing I cannot stop working. Because, I have to feed my kids and cloth them and give them some where to live. It's easy to stay with friends and family and couch surf when you have no one depending on you. But, when you have a baby-well totally different.

    Get involved in some hobbies too. Lots of churches, soup kitchens, animal sanctuaries need help. Occupied hands and it can be fun, fulfilling, and you meet some super people.

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    A baby is the last thing you want right now. If you're feeling depressed and down, you need to work on feeling good about yourself before you think about even having a boyfriend. Pay more attention to having a good relationship with your friends and family. There's always time for boys and babies when you get older, but you can't get the carefree days of your youth back.

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    Having a baby young can look great having someone to love and someone who will love you but you also give up on so much of your life that you miss out on your whole childhood and teen years. You need someone to talk to. You should talk to your parents about seeing a therapist or talk to a guidance councilor at school. There are many things to get into that can make you happy and fulfill the needs you are looking for that don't include having a baby now. You will be happier in the longrun if you wait and develop yourself before you bring another life into the world with you.

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    I think that you want a baby because you feel like no one cares. Yes you know that having one won't help but the feelling doesnt change does it? In your heart you want to be loved and you know that a child will love you unconditionally, which he or she will, but at 15 you are really too young and all I can say is that I will pray for you because I know how you are feeling and I want you to know that your not alone in this world. It may seem like it, I know, but you'll get trough this. I dont know if this will help or not but there's this saying that I would think of when I felt like you do now.. it goes "Dios aprieta pero no ahorca" which means "when God shuts a door, He always leaves a window open." well I hope I helped you in someway..

  • im a 33 year old who had a baby at 15 i would not ever change a thing i love my child more then life but because of my age i didn't get to grow and do the thing i wanted i had no money no life and still don't no job because i missed out on the good education to get one ...please re think this its not the love and attention u need rite now ...u need to fined your self and love your self before u can think of being there for a child...

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    honey i was 16 when i got pregnant and the father left me in the cold...i want a family with the white fence and everything..i wanted to have a kid since i was 13 not that i was trying then...but most men out there at that age wont be the kinda man you need and is best to wait and find some one who will love you and stick around when you have a child being a single mom is hard and with no job its child is one and i love him with all my heart but its very hard...please PLEASE wait...and i agree if you can get a dog maybe a lab..they are such loving animals and they take a lot of work with trianing just what you need to distract you for this...i hope you make the right choice!!!!!!!!

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    a baby will not solve this problem of depression it will only make it worse. You will have a lot of responsibilities assuming you somehow get a baby which is close to impossible given your situation you described. A baby will not solve depression in a lot of cases it will make it worse, especially if you are not old enough or mature enough to handle it. Also how do you plan to fund this if you do somehow get someone to impregnate you? In short you are way too young to even be thinking about having a baby. Get friends have fun accomplish something. that is the way to becoming happier in your given situation. best of luck to you.

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