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People who were/are venerated by both Muslims and Hindus.?

I am making a list of people who were or are venerated by both Muslims and Hindus.

I used to think that there was an unbridgeable divide between these religions, but I am now hopeful that they can coexist. Maybe. Anyway, to help me make up my mind about this I thought that researching people who were respected by both Hindus and Muslims would be informative. So far I have:

* Kabir (15th Century mystic & Poet)

* Mirza Mazhar Jan-e-Janaan (18th century Sufi who believed that Krishna and Rama were prophets sent to India as Muhammad was to the Middle East)

*Sai Baba of Shirdi (the 19th-early 20th century saint venerated by Muslims and Hindus, NOT the controversial present day Hindu swami)

*Mohandas Gandhi (possibly)

*Akbar the Great (possibly)

(I am doubtful about the last two, it could be argued that they both infuriated people of both religions, one side for appeasement and the other for not going far enough).

Are there any others I should add, or should some be removed?


Mimi makes some good points, especially regarding the different meaning of veneration to Muslims and Hindus. Islam says that there may be great respect for holy men, but this should NEVER lead to worship. Hindus on the other hand see the soul or atman as the same nature as God, so someone who can free themselves of attachments and act purely in the interests of God is worthy of veneration and worship. Indeed worship of a truly enlightened guru is one of the principle elements of many branches of Hindusim.

Also, the point that people who are revered (or at least respected) by both Hindus and Muslims are not as important as respecting people despite their differences is important. There should be peace between people who have different beliefs, even contradictory beliefs, as long as each does not interfere with the other's rights, including the to religion of their choice and worship.

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    The truth is that it should not be necessary for any groups to have to find people in common of whom they hold in high esteem in order to get along. In Islam, anyone regardless of their background will be rewarded and punished by their deeds. So in essence, we should all recognize the equal ground we do stand on. This is the one bridgeable thing we all have in common.

    As I have mentioned in previous posts, the only time that true defense can be taken within the Islamic community against another is when a person whoever or whatever they may be, directly challenges your life or prevents you from worshiping God (swt). Otherwise, you should live in peace, recognize your differences and say, "to you be your way and to me be mine." *This should be the foundation.*

    Many religions recognize the notable figures of other religions, but truly it should not have to be the foundation of Peace.

    As a side note:

    In regards to venerations of particular individuals, "veneration" being a strong word implying Islam, though their are individuals that have accomplished some wonderful things in their lifetime...veneration is to be avoided at all cost. Even the Prophet Muhammed (pbuh) said that he did not want people to put him on a pedestal for fear of veneration. He knew that that would lead to a path in which people may potentially hold him in such a regard that would take them from focused worship of Allah (swt). But, if their was ever anyone to be impressed by how they lead their lives it would be the prophets of God (pbuta). Muslims are and should be very particular in whom they hold with such regard...because people tend to get out of hand and do fall into a form of worship with these people (ie saints, entertainers, etc) Only God knows the truth in their heart and we as people cannot raise them on a pedestal. We cannot say that any one particular person is better than the other because only God knows our ranks between each other. This is why their is no reason why we should need to find a reason to get along. We simply just should and are supposed to.

    Everyone who does something good with their life ought to be recognized for the good, but never worshipped or subject to anything that even remotely resembles a form of worship. Being respectful and acknowledge how one leads their life is one thing, but excessive acknowledgement can lead to a form of worship. This would be a grave worship a creation and not the Creator. It would also place one in danger of following an innovation.

    In regards to the list, I can note that they achieved something that others may have not, but I will not look at them any different than any other human being around me that has achieved something notable as well. So therefore, in my opinion, I would simple abandon the list, for we should always be looking for good in those around us because we ALL have something to contribute. Practice what is good and forbid what is evil and see that we should live happily and peacefully together.

    It may sound like la la land, but we really ought to be striving towards la la....if we really want harmony in the world and in our own lives. All human beings strive for one really wants to live in fear or divide. It is our duty to have patience with those who are misguided in thought and remember that they are not bad, just misinformed. And therefore, our duty to teach them the best we can that they can steer their energy into a peaceful existance with themselves and the world.

    This is were the focus should be.

    edit: @Chris: You got it! :o)

    Source(s): A Muslim perspective :o)
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    Many Sufis in India were and are venerated by both Hindus and Muslims

    Mystics of the Sant Movement in India

    Some Muslims and Hindus venerated Guru Nanak, the founder of Sikhism

    Many Muslims and Hindus in India venerate Mother Teresa of Calcutta for her compassion and charity and kindness and tolerance of people of all conditions and religions and her speaking up for and her service to the poor and helpless

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    You have answered most of the questions yourself. If you're predetermined to marry him, first of all, convince your mother by talking to her in seclusion after a few days deep thoughts alone to be ready for answering all possible painful questions nicely, sweetly & softly without any provocation. If you're able to do that successfully, ask her to convince your father on your behalf with full untiring efforts. Your friends may be right that some Muslims are bad by not following Islam strictly. As far as I know Islam does not force compulsory cow slaughter. Islam disallows hurting sentiments of people of other faiths & emphasizes doing all possible things to maintain peace & security of all including non-Muslims. Only poor Muslims eat meats of buffaloes, all are not able to digest. Buffaloes are available much cheaper than cows. Only a few mads will deliberately try to slaughter cows & hardly anyone will buy such beef at much higher prices. I could find out by oral inquiry that in India, meats of buffaloes are costlier than the same of chicken & b coz of that most of the Muslims now buy chicken's meats & sale of even buffaloes ' meats has gone down & so, the same are being exported more than sold. In such a situation, none will buy beef of cows even if it is sold, no shop sells that too. I don't know taste of either buffaloes' & cows' beefs so, I can not tell which one is tastier. Crazy people only take non-veg daily. Do not go by propaganda as those are politically motivated. Such Mahabharats will never end. Such a marriage will be successful only if you have a nuclear family living separately. If you live in a joint family, problems may arise. Apply your mind for decision.

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    yeah, if we look past the superficial differences, there's a lot in common. There are some Sufi saints, one name that i can think of is Shaikh Salim Chisti. His tomb is still honored by people of both faiths.

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    those who r sincere to Allah / God can CONNECT easily

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