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when ever i sent mail in yahoo i have to fill up the captcha ,i want to get rid of it?

when i sent mail or reply some body's mail i get the captcha image where i have to write the same thing writen in the image (imes12 is writen in the image then i hav to write the same without any mistake).i want to get rid of this and why does this come every time i sent there any setting by which i can get rid of this?

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    YOU can't get rid of it----there's nothing you can do except comply with Yahoo and copy the letters.

    It's a security measure by Yahoo (and others) to combat spam.

    You see this mostly on new mail accounts, (and/OR---if you've violated the sending limits) and once Yahoo has determined that you aren't a spambot, or are sending spam, they will reduce it and eventually stop it.

    In the meantime---if you want your emails sent---just do it.

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  • Lyn G
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    If the mail you are sending has the look of spam, then you get the character string code as a safety feature to ensure that you are a human being and not a spam bot sending out thousands of spam mailings to the world. It may be a pain but I certainly think it is a good idea and welcome any safety features for a secure account.

    No you can not get rid of it, sorry ...

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