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So honestly girls, my girlfriend wants to take things a bit to far over a simple bet

now i lost a bet with my girl Sally, she thinks its right to put me in my place and make ME the girlfriend, which is the way ill be for the next 4 weeks, dressed up, acting feminine, walking feminine, basically being Jenny, instead of myself, Jeff. now if theres one thing I hate its being feminine, and she knows that and she wants to use this bet i lost to teach me that being a girl is fun and great, now, I need your support, she says leave it to the public, girl answer, if you side with her, say that you do and why, if not, do the same. If I have more girls agree with me then my 'lesson' will end in the four weeks, if she gets more support, it will carry on another 8 weeks. Who do you side with?


basically the bet was on which sex is socially superior, we would debate and when one person froze and had nothing to say, they lost, unfortunately that was me and now im in a predicament, I am now regretting betting on it and she wants me to see why its better to be a girl, as i said before, i say otherwise, i say its rediculous, no offense girls but i said you were physically and emotionally weaker than men. you'll cry over the slightest thing, i cant take it back now tho, i wish i could cuz i need to win your support or ill be 'Jenny,' her girlfriend for another 8 weeks, is she right to teach me a lesson and why or should i be off the hook in only 4 weeks like the bet was at first rather than a total of 12 to get the lesson sunken into my mind? please support me!

Update 2:

I would dump her over this, but I really am attracted to her and I dont want a bet to ruin our relationship :\

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    dont do it

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  • i love how u don't want this to get in the way. that's really cute!


    part of me thinks that u should stick to ur bet and be true to ur word.

    another part of me thinks that 4 weeks is a little long to be doing something silly like this.

    i think a few days or a week would be sufficient. besides, what r u REALLY learning from this? it's only embarrassing for u.

    now, she's asking u to act like the stereotypical woman, personally, i'm more of a tomboy. she's asking u to act like her, not like women.

    idt ur learning anything. most guys think that it is hard being a girl, but i think it's hard to be a guy too.

    so, really it's up to u what u want to do. i'm on ur side, as i think it's kind of a pointless battle to fight. but i'm on her side cuz i wish a few more guys could understand how hard it REALLY is being a girl.

    hope i helped! and good luck!!


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  • 1 decade ago

    I side with u, she is asking for u to act gay...what is her problem...dump her and find a girl that actually likes u. I am a girl too and I think Sally has a problem...she is being mean...and weird.

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  • 1 decade ago

    do not do it u probably get picked on enough bc ur name is jenny

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  • well if u really like her tell her this isn't on and you 'aint happy, if she keeps patronising u dump her.


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  • 1 decade ago

    Dump her and move on that is not a friend

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