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How long do you think the Arab-Israeli conflict will continue since it started in 1948?

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    It will end latest by 2050. However, I do not know how it will end.

    The peaceful end: If the status quo continue, then Israel will terminate as a Jewish state latest by 2050, as the Israeli Arab population will exceed the Jewish population of Israel, and state stops being a Jewish majority state. The Next Israeli prime minister will be a Palestinian Arab. If a referendum is made on unification of Israel with the West Bank, Gaza Strip and Israel, The Arab Israelis, the Palestinians and Liberal Jews will vote for it. Palestine will be united again as one country, and the conflict will be finished. Of course this does not have to wait till 2050. This can happen even before Arabs become a majority in Israel, so this could happen before 2050.

    The bloody end: As the Zionists in Israel know the possibility of the above scenario very well, it is very likely they will attempt to prevent it from happening. Thus Israel may just be waiting for the right opportunity to ethnically cleanse the remaining Israeli Arabs out of Israel. They may even attempt to ethnically cleanse the Palestinians in the West Bank. Considering that we are talking about 4 million Palestinians and israeli Arabs today, who may just as well be 10 million in 2050, then this scenario will amount to grand scale genocide not seen since the holocaust and WWII. This option will also result in Israel's end, as such genocide will not go unchecked, and the reaction will result in Israel's termination as a state. If Israel chooses this option, then this will happen much earlier than 2050, which means this option will result in Israel's end that much earlier.

    Notice, I did not list the current peace negotiations as an option, as I do not think this will result in any fair solution or a lasting peace.

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    Could be a very long time - as long as organised religions keep brain washing their fanatics into hatred.

    It seems that organised religion will be the ultimate downfall of mankind.

    A man's religion should be within himself - and not dictated by an organisation !

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    Simply keep an eye on the Temple Mount.

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    it started 2000 years ago when israel defeated the persians and greeks in a battle for territory.

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