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my cat eats plastic, what should i do?

when there is tiny peices of plastic on the ground, my cat eats it and if i try to stop him he runs away with it and then eats it. one time he ate a piece and then barfed it back up and then ate it again! whats wrong with him.

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    Eating non-food items is called pica.

    Cats will sometimes eat socks, rocks or other objects, which may result in a variety of problems for both you and your pet. Not only can your possessions be destroyed or damaged, but objects such as plastic. clothing and rocks can produce life-threatening blockages in your pet's intestines.

    A specific type of pica is stool eating (either their own or that of another animal) and, while not necessarily dangerous to the animal, is probably unacceptable to you. Stool-eating is called coprophagy.

    The causes of pica and coprophagy are not known. Many ideas have been proposed by various experts, but none have been proven or disproven.

    Such behaviors may sometimes be attention-getting behaviors. If engaging in one of these behaviors results in some type of social interaction between the animal and his owner (even a verbal scolding) then the behavior may be reinforced and occur more frequently. These behaviors may be attempts to obtain a necessary nutrient lacking in the diet, although no nutritional studies have ever substantiated this idea. They may also stem from frustration or anxiety. It's possible the behaviors begin as play, as the animal investigates and chews on the objects, then subsequently begins to eat or ingest them.

    Because pica and coprophagy are behaviors that are not well understood, stopping them may require assistance from an animal behavior professional or your VET ---who works individually with owners and their pets. A variety of specialized behavior modification techniques may be necessary to resolve these problems

    Good Luck

    Source(s): current mommie to 4 cats, ages 13yrs - 17yrs...and have always had or breeded cats.
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    Two of my three cats just love chewing on plastic!!! They mostly chew on plastic bags but occasionally chew on other plastic things. I can't stop them, I shoo them away, but they'll still do it any chance they get. I have no idea why, I say they have "plastic deficiency". Maybe they just like the way it feels. I have no advice on why yours does this, just letting you know that 2 out of 3 of my cats do so maybe it's not that odd.

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    That's a pretty normal thing, I have a cat that does the same exact thing - any plastic or even rubber (like rubber bands) that he can get his little mouth on. You just have to make sure to keep that kind of thing away from him - it's really the only thing you can do.

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    my cat loves popsickle plastic. It's like the only kind he likes, he's weird.

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    Don't let him out! If this is an indoor issue, pick it up!

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    IDK what to tell you, but mine just ate a fabric softener sheet that she picked up off the floor. she barfed that up too

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