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I sent a picture in only bra and underwear?

* He has a girlfriend

*Same grade

* Really sweet


Okay, im 12 . And i sent a picture to a boy (also 12) And it was a picture of me in a bra and underwear. I asked him if i could be a model. Nothing sexual AT ALL, and thats how i meant it. And honestly alot of people tell me i have a nice body because im thin, But ihate my size. so i asked. he said i had a nice body. but he has a gf? You think he would show everyone??!! He said he woulnt.

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    why are kids today such ******* whores? when i was 12 (which was only 8 years ago, i'm only 20) you didn't even think about doing something like that. this is horrible and i detest all girls like you. including you.

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    8 years ago

    He's a 12 year old boy. He's going to take it sexually. He may or may not tell anyone. Probably, it wasn't the best idea.

    Also, you shouldn't look for the approval and attention from boys. You need to believe you're pretty yourself, and find the beauty in you and your flaws before you will ever feel happy, fulfilled and loved. I know it sounds like complete crap, but just trying to save you a lot of heartbreak in the future. I'm sure you're gorgeous. I've always been very thin myself and never liked it, but just recently came to terms with who I am. It's made so much of a difference. I actually even accept the compliments now rather than blow them off. Be nice to yourself. If your friend saw you and told you that you looked really ugly every time she saw you, would you keep her as a friend? No. So why should you say the same to yourself every time you look in a mirror?

    <3 Good luck. And stay strong. Even if word gets out, own your mistakes. You live and you learn. If someone asks just be honest, like, "Yeah, it was supposed to just be between us. I didn't mean it sexually and I didn't mean to hurt anyone. I have nothing against "insert guys girlfriends name."" That looks a lot better than being ashamed of what you did and who you are, and people will (on some level) respect your honesty. It's better than trying to make up stupid excuses and crying about how you didn't do it, and why doesn't anyone believe you?! anyway..

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    At 12, I still played with Barbies, liked cartoons and would have been mortified for anyone to see me in my underwear outside of my family and the doctor (even the doc made me squeamish). Geez, be a kid and enjoy it! Don't earn yourself a reputation early for being "one of THOSE girls". That will follow you around and people don't forget, especially when there's picture evidence. Hasn't your mother/father/both given you any direction in what you should and shouldn't do with your body? If not, I welcome them to having grandkids way before they thought they were going to. GO BE A KID!! And remember, just because we're adults and you THINK you're getting something over on us, we're not stupid. We know why you sent the pictures and we definitely know what the consequences are going to be. We've been on this planet for a lot longer and we've seen a lot of life. You may think we know nothing, but we can teach you so much. Listen to adults when they give you advice! You'll find it'll turn out a lot better than following the advice of some of these little whores that run around nowadays. And just because it's something you don't want to hear doesn't make it not true.

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    You want someone to tell you it was okay to send the pictures and that there you had nothing sexual in mind. Well, you were wrong and you knew when you did it. If that were the case you could have just had a girlfriend look at you. Chances are that picture will be passed around like popcorn at a movie theater. It could ultimately come to some good, though, if you learn your lesson now and don't ever do this again.

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    Unfortunately all you can do at this point is trust him. If he decides to spread it around there is nothing you can do about it. As was previously suggested - just own up to it. It's worse if you try and deny it.

    In any situation where physical proof such as pictures are involved - even if you guys took pictures together - there's no saying that other person will hang onto them and then turn around and spread it like wildfire just for the sake of bragging. This happened to me with a male friend I had fooled around with (at 20). If you don't want pictures to be spread around, don't take them.

    And I'm sorry, but your excuse of "It's nothing sexual" sounds like utter crap. And even if it really isn't, you're STILL sending an intimate photo to a member of the opposite sex that you consider "sweet", that alone screams that you're interested. No matter what your explanation, nobody is going to buy it, especially not his girlfriend.

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    Your 12..

    What are you doing even taking pictures like that?

    Soon, instead of having the FFA(future farmers of America) they're going to have FPA (future prostitutes of America)


    When I was 12, I was watching Disney Princesses and playing with Barbies.

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    I wish I had read this before I answered the question about what is the dumbest thing I ever heard.....

    Consider your pic to be shown or talked about to everyone! Enjoy the reputation.

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    You shoudnt be sending any guy a pic like that! Ya never know what they r going 2 do with it. THey now have technology that can take your clothes off you...and shows just how much you respect his relationship. Shame on you!

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    8 years ago

    sexting at age 12 interesting

  • 8 years ago


    you're the reason older generations hate our generation.

    I was twelve a year ago, and i never got in to s*** like this...

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