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Would you support building codes that incorporate these?

Do you think they should enforce all buildings to have bidets and squat toilets? Bidets do thorough cleaning jobs than toilet paper, and you don't have to chop down trees. They could have drying nozzles so people don't have to worry about getting wet. Squat toilets are more sensible than sitting ones. They are cheaper and easier to maintain. They are less vulnerable to vandalism and less likely to overflow. They make elimination quicker and faster. Moreover, they are better for pregnant women and people with hemorrhoids, constipation, appendicitis, and other gastrointestinal problems. I'm cool with dual-use squat toilets that can be used for sitting. What do you make of that?

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    i agree with you. there are many positives to these toilets. it is also more sanitary and healthy to wash afterwards. we don't have to cut down trees to wipe our a$$! it will save a lot of trees . it wouldn't work well for disabled and people who don't have strong legs! it will save time too since it most likely discourage people to read in toilets too!!


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    i really have no idea about bidets...but i would think myself so clumsy, i would end up wet from top to bottom...yes i know..bad pun..but true none the less...

    i do like paper..i almost think there there would be more...control..than a bidet...but as i said..being no expert..what do i know?

    squat toilets are definitely out though...two reasons...

    my hub has had a total hip replacement, which means no flexing past 90 degrees...and i have arthritis in my knees...

    getting older isn't easy at times but beats the alternative! *lol*

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    They are both great ideas. I started squatting after I got appendicitis and beat it without surgery (Tradition Chinese Medicine). Although it can be dangerous trying to balance on a toilet seat. : \

    I would like to install squat toilets in our house, but the rest of my family is against it. Oh well.

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    I think they should have optional squat toilets and bidets. Like the one lady stated with her arthritic knees and her husband's recent surgery, not everyone would be able to use them.

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    no way! i don't want water spraying on me! and i've never even seen a squat toilet!

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    I totally agree with you.

    Thank you for answering my question, you really helped!

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    i agree with you!!!

    you are sooo right!

    i support you 100%

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    ya i think those are awesome ideas

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    I 100% agree with you on this. Thanks for the answer to mine.

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